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Contact information for outgoing exchanges

If you cannot find what you are looking for regarding exchange, please contact us. However, please first familiarize yourself carefully with the exchange destinations, the application process and the instructions for planning the exchange.

School of Arts, Design and Architecture

School of Business

Otaniemi Campus

Ms. Sanna Huovinen-Kiuru

Ms. Sanna Krigsholm

[email protected]

Mikkeli Campus

Ms. Annamari Vahvaselkä

[email protected]


Schools of technology (CHEM, ELEC, ENG, SCI)

Questions concerning exchange in general and Erasmus+ destinations: Please contact the exchange coordinator of your own school.

Questions concerning a certain host university outside Europe or EPF Lausanne (Switzerland): Please contact the exchange coordinator according to the correct continent or country, as listed below.

School of Chemical Engineering

Ms. Kaisa Pulliainen
Ms. Heidi Flinkman

[email protected]

If there are no available times in MyStudies, you can always book an appointment by email

Kaisa: destinations in Asia (excluding Japan) for students in all technical schools (CHEM, ELEC,ENG, SCI)

Heidi: destinations in Europe

As CHEM student you can also contact exchange student advisor ([email protected]). Please see opening hours here

School of Engineering

Ms. Vilma Jokinen

[email protected]

In addition: destinations in Latin America

For questions about short-term exchanges, please contact Melina Nummi: [email protected]

School of Science

Ms. Mari Dagnall

If there are no availanble times in MyStudies, you can always book an appointment by email.

[email protected]

In addition: joint Erasmus+ destinations and EPF Lausanne (Switzerland) in the field of technology and engineering
and destinations in India, Japan, Russia
School of Electrical Engineering

Ms. Kirsi Viitaharju

[email protected]

In addition: destinations in Australia and North America

Have you already read these?

If you already have been selected for exchange or you are already at your exchange destination, read also the to-do lists for Before the exchange, During the exchange and After the exchange.

Student guide illustration, exchange studies

Exchange destinations

Information about exchange destinations.

Other studies
Student guide illustration, exchange studies

Selection criteria and terms of exchange

Information about the terms of exchange.

Other studies
Student guide illustration, exchange studies

Exchange application periods and instructions

Instructions for applying for exchange.

Other studies
Exchange studies

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