Adding ORCID ID to your ACRIS profile

ORCID is an identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers. ACRIS allows you to link an ORCID ID to your personal profile and export information from ACRIS to your ORCID ID account, reducing the need to add data to multiple systems.

Why should I get ORCID ID?

ORCID helps you easily and reliably link your unique identity with contributions such as datasets, articles, books, media stories, samples, experiments, patents, and notebooks. It enables interoperability and allows you to connect with other identifier systems, including those maintained by funders and publishers, and exchange data freely with research information systems.

Adding ORCID to your ACRIS record.

  1. Log in to ACRIS at  and click on Edit Profile.
  2. Under the Metadata tab (should be the default option) click the Create or Connect your ORCID button to proceed. 
  3. Read the data transfer description and click proceed
  4. If new to ORCID, register an account. If you have an existing ORCID, log in with your credentials.
  5. After authorizing, you'll be redirected to your ACRIS profile, where the ORCID will now show. Remember to save your profile record.

Note: You can revoke permissions for exporting information from ACRIS to ORCID at any time.

Data transferred from ACRIS

ACRIS exports information such as other IDs (e.g., Scopus), research outputs (e-pub ahead of print or published with public visibility), and your affiliation to ORCID.

Using your ORCID ID elsewhere

The ORCID standard is being adopted by many types of organisations, including research funders and publishers. Here are a few examples of integration:

  • Publishing: use your ORCID ID to log in to manuscript submission systems in journals such as PLoS One, Genome Biology published by BioMed Central, or any journals using the ScholarOne manuscript submission systems used by major publishers.
  • Pre-prints: link your arXiv account with ORCID.
  • Reference management software: used in EndNote, either to import references from ORCID or to populate your ORCID record.
  • Databases and citation reports: use ORCID to make sure the data held about you in databases like Web of Science, InCites, SciVal and Scopus is correct

How do I get an ORCID identifier?

Register for a free and fast ORCID ID on the ORCID registration page. You'll receive a 16-digit number (e.g., 0000-0000-1234-5678) that can be used when submitting publications, applying for grants, and in research workflows.

Editing email notifications from ORCID

Choose which messages you'd like delivered to your inbox during registration or in your Account Settings under Email and notification preferences. 

ORCID inbox notifications and frequency settings – ORCID

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