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Plan S

Plan S is an open access initiative launched by the EU Commission and Science Europe. At its core is the objective that, in calls starting from 1 January 2021, all scholarly articles resulting from public research funding must be published in open access journals or on open access platforms.

This page discusses Plan S requirements in general. The content of the page is likely to change as the situation progresses.


The Plan S  has two primary goals:

  1. to make paywalled publications that result from publicly funded research accessible to everyone and
  2. to implement open access without unreasonable costs. 

Both European Commission (EC) and Academy of Finland are participating in Plan S. Please note that ERC is not taking part of Plan S.

What does Plan S mean in practice? 

Plan S means, that researchers funded by the Coalition partners need to follow Plan S principles. In practice they will have three ways of publishing articles (Source: Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S ): 

  Open access publishing venues (journals or platforms) Subscription venues (repository route), Green open access Transition of subcription venues (transformative agreements)
Route Authors publish in an apen access journal or on an open access platform.  Authors publish in a subscription journal and make either the final published version (Version of Record (VoR)) or the Author’s Accepted Manuscript (AAM) openly available in a repository  as soon as their paper appears. The AAM must be shared under CC-BY publishing licence.  Authors publish open access in a subscription journal under a transformative arrangement
Funding cOAlition S funders will financially support publication fees. cOAlition S funders will not financially support ‘hybrid’ Open Access publication fees in subscription venues. cOAlition S funders can contribute financially to Open Access publishing under transformative arrangements. 

Monographs and Plan S

Plan S currently applies only to peer-reviewed scholarly articles although cOAlition S strongly encourages that all research outputs should made as open as possible. cOAlition S will issue its policy on Open Access (OA) monographs and chapters in late 2021.  

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