AllWell? 2022 results in Power BI

The 2022 AllWell? wellbeing survey was conducted 16.2.-2.3. among all 2nd-year bachelor’s degree students and 1st-year master’s degree students at Aalto University. Results can be now found from Power BI!
AllWell Results in Power BI

The 2022 AllWell? wellbeing survey was conducted in February among all 2nd-year bachelor’s degree students and 1st-year master’s degree students at Aalto University. The results provide important information on students’ wellbeing, study skills, motivation, and learning experiences.

AllWell? results can be now found from Power BI report.

Use this link to view the results: AllWell report – Power BI (remember to log in).

How to read the visualisations

You can use Power BI to view the survey results for an individual programme in your preferred view. The results are presented on different tabs and in in three categories: Wellbeing, Teaching and peer support, and Study skills.

The ‘Normalised scores’ tab corresponds to the previous abacus visualisation. Use this tab to compare changes in the results to Aalto University’s normalized average results in 2017. Another graph under the ‘Distributions’ tab describes the percentage of respondents in each response category (1–4). Power BI also includes a tab called ‘Instructions’ which provides further instructions on how to interpret the graphs. The indicators are explained in the section ‘Terms explained’.

More instructions: see attached file "How to read Power BI report" and tips how to develop teaching based on AllWell? results from "How to develop teaching".

Data visibility:

The rights to view data depend on role. General Aalto Staff without additional rights will not be able to view data for programmes/majors with fewer than five respondents or for filtered groups with five or fewer students. Individual student can not be recognised.

If you notice problems with the results or the tool itself, please write to [email protected] and [email protected]

How to use AllWell? data:

  • To understand how your students experience your programme
  • To learn more about your students’ well-being, study skills, motivation, and experiences of teaching
  • To develop evidence-based pedagogy
  • To bring your academic staff together and develop the programme
  • Together with other student feedback collected (course feedback etc.)
  • Discuss together with the programme (faculty and students)

The AllWell? questionnaire on study wellbeing

The AllWell? questionnaire on study wellbeing is sent to all Aalto’s 2nd year bachelor's and 1st year master's students every year.

Students studying

Using data of teaching and studying for programme development

Data about teaching and studying is one of the key bases that support the monitoring, evaluation and development of education and our programmes.

Programme director's handbook
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