Where would you like to sit down, which part of the campus needs garden benches? Leave your proposal!

New garden benches and different kinds of plants will be set up to the campus in spring 2022. Propose the best place for those and affect the coziness of the campus.
Parkly puutarhapenkit
Example photo of the garden benches. Photo: Parkly Oy

Last year we asked students to propose wellness enhancing ideas on the “One euro for every student” participatory budgeting pilot project. The goal of the project was to develop the campus in a more student-friendly way and to involve students in decision-making. 

Students could vote for the winner, and the proposal for garden benches was chosen as a winner. Students were hoping for more garden benches on the green areas of the campus for sitting down with friends or colleagues. This would bring more colour to the campus, and the benches will provide more areas for spontaneous meetings as well as social interaction and refreshment on the campus. 

Parkly puutarhapenkki esimerkki
Photo: Parkly Oy

Where on campus would you like to sit down?

Garden benches made by Parkly Oy will be installed on the campus during spring 2022. Benches are made of portable modules and also include different kind of plants. But before the benches will arrive to the campus, it is time to decide which part of the campus would need the benches most.

Which area on the campus would need places to sit down? A paved square or a forest edge, for example? Garden benches also bring more green to the campus, but what kind of plants would you like next to the benches? Now it is time to submit your ideas!

Have an impact on the coziness of the campus and answer to the short questionnaire (opens in a new window)

Please leave your answer before the end of February. The answers can also be used in other development projects on campus outdoor areas. The final placement of the benches also takes into account, among other things, land ownership, accessibility, safety and suitability for the cityscape.

More information: Aalto CRE/Aapo Pihkala, [email protected] 

kampus kesällä

The vote on the participatory budgeting was decided – the garden benches were chosen as the winner

In spring 2021, we asked students how they would like to spend 12 000 euros of the university budget. The community discussion was based on the “One euro for every student” participatory budgeting pilot project launched in May.


How should we spend 12 000 euros of the university budget on student wellbeing? Vote for the best idea by 15.9.2021!

In May 2021, we encouraged students to submit ideas on how to use 12 000 euros ("one euro for every student") of the university budget. Now it is time to vote for the best idea which will be implemented during autumn 2021 or early 2022.

Students with bikes on Aalto University campus

One euro for every student—how should Aalto University spend it? Submit your ideas by 30.5.2021

This year, Aalto University is trying something new: Inviting students to decide how to use 12 000 euros of the university budget.

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