‘The work-life balance in Finland is amazing’

Bhavya Omkarappa shared her insights into work-life balance in Finland. The story is part of the Finland Works open online course by Aalto University, launched in September 2021.
Bhavya Omkarappa smiling with plants in the background
Bhavya Omkarappa

The Finland Works massive open online course (MOOC) by Aalto University offers insights into the Finnish work culture and building a career in Finland. The course is designed especially for international students and job seekers who wish to know more about the characteristics of Finnish working life. The course is authored by Aalto faculty and recruitment and career specialists and complemented with experiences from Aalto University international alumni. Finland Works is part of the Future of Work online learning module.

We asked the international Aalto alumni featured in the course videos to share their insights and experiences of the Finnish work culture. One of them is Bhavya Omkarappa from Bangalore, India.

Bhavya did her master’s degree at Aalto University’s Communications Engineering programme, and currently, she works as an Integration Engineer at Ericsson. Before moving to Finland, Bhavya had worked in India for three years. Bhavya has been pleased with her choice to build her career in Finland after graduation.

‘The work-life balance in Finland is amazing,’ Bhavya says with a smile.

A balanced work-life

The Finland Works open online course is divided into five thematic chapters, one of which is dedicated to Finnish work-life balance. The chapter discusses topics like the relationship between work-life balance and well-being at work, and how Finnish society supports work-family balance.

'One of my personal goals was to have a balance in my professional, social and personal life. Here in Finland, my daily work routine consists of a good amount of sleep, exercise and time for my personal well-being. I would say that my work-life balance is really great,' Bhavya says.

Alongside an individual’s own responsibility, also the employer plays a crucial role in supporting a healthy work-life balance.

'I’m amazed about the level of interest that my employer takes for our well-being! There’s a lot of emphasis given to our mental and physical health,' Bhavya says. She mentions numerous different sport and social clubs that her current employer is providing for the employees. 

'Interacting with my colleagues outside of work has definitely helped me to integrate into the Finnish society and understand more about the people around me,' Bhavya says.

I’m amazed about the level of interest that my employer takes for our well-being!

Bhavya Omkarappa

Equality at work

Bhavya works in a technical role in telecommunications, and according to her experiences, everyone is treated equally. ‘You’re not seen differently because of your gender,’ Bhavya says.

Bhavya states that the level of gender equality is quite different in Finland compared to India. Bhavya feels that she has more equal opportunities to advance her career here in Finland.

‘In my work field, I don’t feel different because I am a woman. You are credited by the kind of knowledge and experience that you have,’ Bhavya says.

‘I don’t think I would be doing anything better off in any other country. I’m really happy where I am right now.’

Watch Bhavya Omkarappa’s whole story below and register for the Finland Works course here:

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