‘I wanted to reorient my career towards sustainability’

Beatriz Ramírez shared her story of starting a new career in Finland. The story is part of the Finland Works open online course by Aalto University, launched in September 2021.
A portrait of Beatriz Ramírez.
Beatriz Ramírez

The Finland Works massive open online course (MOOC) by Aalto University offers insights into the Finnish work culture and building a career in Finland. The course is designed especially for international students and job seekers who wish to know more about the characteristics of Finnish working life. The course is authored by Aalto faculty and recruitment and career specialists and complemented with experiences from Aalto University international alumni. Finland Works is part of the Future of Work online learning module.

We asked the international Aalto alumni featured in the course videos to share their insights into the Finnish work culture and building a career in Finland. One of them is Beatriz Ramírez from Spain.

Ramírez had been working in Finland in sales and marketing for a few years when she realised that it was time for a change.

‘I wanted to reorient my career towards sustainability,’ Ramírez says. 

Lifewide learning in Aalto

Ramírez was eager to learn more about sustainability but didn’t want to use years to study a new degree, which is why Ramírez decided to take sustainability-related courses at Aalto University.

‘I started to look into all the possible ways to get sustainability in my CV. I studied at the Aalto University Open University to get the knowledge as soon as possible and make the career switch.’

The Finland Works open online course covers topics from designing your skillset for the future to pursuing a career in Finland. The course can be a valuable asset for international learners to prove their motivation for employers to work in Finland. After completing the course, the student receives a certificate for their CV and LinkedIn profile.

I studied at the Aalto University Open University to get the knowledge as soon as possible and make the career switch.

Beatriz Ramírez

Alternative ways for employment

During Ramírez’ career change, she was unemployed from her previous job in sales and marketing. An unexpected turn led her to the unemployment office, where Ramírez found a tempting possibility to continue her journey with sustainability.

‘The unemployment office offered a course that consisted of circular economy training and work placement,’ Ramírez says. ‘I realised that the work placement could be a way to see if I like to work in the new field of sustainability and circular economy.’

Ramírez got accepted to the City of Espoo for the work placement. The collaboration worked out well, and the City of Espoo currently employs Ramírez as a Circular Economy Specialist.

‘The work placement offered me the opportunity to get the job of my dreams. This is the best job I’ve ever had,’ Ramírez smiles.

Knowing a little Finnish 

The Finnish language is a widely discussed topic amongst international recruitment. While in several fields, English is the primary working language, many jobs still require Finnish knowledge.

‘Learning Finnish was definitely important for my career in Finland. Actually, I’m working in Finnish right now,’ Ramírez says.

Ramírez encourages other foreigners to learn Finnish with a low threshold.

‘It’s enough if you work on the basics and start to build from that. You don’t need to speak Finnish perfectly,’ Ramírez says. 

Watch Beatriz Ramírez’ whole story below and register for the Finland Works course here:

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