Summer job can be included as a practical training course

Working in your own field in the summer can be utilized in your studies. A student of the School of Engineering gets 1-5 credits by completing an internship in his / her field and returning the Practical training documents in accordance with the instructions at the beginning of the next semester.
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The scope of the practical training in both the bachelor's and master's degrees at the School of Engineering is 1-5 cr. Practical training course is included in the degree's elective studies. You can find more information about the bachelor's internship with the course code ENG-A2000 (Practical training in Engineering) and the master's internship with the course code ENG-E1010 (Practical training).

If you return the Practical training documents between 1 June and 31 July 2023 and you are graduating during the summer, please contact the learning services ([email protected]). Training documents returned after 1.6.2023 during the summer are not undertaken to be reviewed within one month of their submission without special justification. 

If you do your training in the summer of 2023, register for the Ptactical training course for the academic year 2023-2024 and return the documents in accordance with the instructions to the MyCourses return folder of the Practical training course during the autumn semester. 

Support for job search and more information about the practical training is available on several websites, e.g.: TECH internship in Finland, Bachelor's program in Engineering and ENG-A2000.

Further information on the process of approving practical training courses can be obtained from student counselors ([email protected]) or the program  study coordinators or palnning officers.  

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