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We are excited to welcome you to the second Qual+ Newsletter and continue bringing you new ways of looking at methods within management studies.
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There are several reasons why attention to methods is particularly timely and important. First, recent technological advances are blurring the boundaries between qualitative and quantitative methods. As Boyka Simeonova and Robert Galliers (2023) write in their Cambridge Handbook of Qualitative Digital Research, we cannot afford to have ‘big data’ but little understanding. Thus, we need both ‘big data’ and ‘thick data’ in terms of in-depth understanding and the logo of Qual+ refers to the merging and mixing of methods. 

To inspire methodological innovation, Qual+ brings researchers together in seminars, workshops, and community-building events. In the second newsletter, we are happy to provide you with highlights from four interesting events. '

First, a workshop entitled Using Narrative Perspectives in Management Research by Professor Eero Vaara was offered jointly by the Aalto Organization & Management Unit and Qual+. Second, the Qual+ Book Launch Event of the Handbook of Feminist Research Methodologies in Management and Organization Studies was co-arranged with Senior University Lecturer Saija Katila

Third, Mixed Methods Hackathon was co-organized with Professor Saku Mantere, McGill University & Aalto University (Chair of the Qual+ International Advisory Board) and Project Manager Oskari Nokso-Koivisto from Aalto Economic Institute within the Department of Economics. Fourth, we offered Qual+ & International Business (IB) Research Seminar (hybrid) in which Professor Tim Andrews elaborated on how to survive the review process of a qualitative paper.

Moreover, we are delighted to recommend interesting events, courses, calls, and books. We welcome you to attend our future events such as the open session (hybrid) on Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) by Professor Peer Fiss, (University of Southern California, USA) who is a pioneer on the use of QCA in social sciences.


The Qual+ center advances greater cooperation and capacity building around topics of qualitative methodologies within the School of Business at Aalto, and leverages Aalto’s world class qualitative research skills internationally.

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