Procrastination - what is it and what to do about it?

Procrastination, delaying, postponing... What is it and what to do if it disturbs you? Here is some material for you to explore and find help!

Do you delay and postpone completing some tasks? Do you feel you might procrastinate? Do you feel you are sometimes wasting your time? If the answer is yes, don’t worry. You probably are quite a normal university student: almost all university students procrastinate at times. However, if procrastination bothers and you would like to learn to be more efficient, hop onboard to learning through these online materials. You can learn more about yourself and how you could get things done better.

About the links below:

The ABCs of getting things done materials package (link below) contains information about procrastination and various exercises that help you develop your efficiency.

Maria Törnroos's audio column gives advice especially to Masters' students, but it is a good listen to all!

There's also links to two podcast episodes about procrastination in Finnish.

Procrastination by Oasis

ABCs of getting things done in MyCourses (external link)

This package helps you to develop your efficiency.

Paras hetki päivässä -psykologipodcast 2021

18. Prokrastinointi, viivyttely, lykkääminen, vetkuttelu. Osa 1   (external link)

Podcast EPS in Finnish. Opintopsykologit Henna Niiva ja Mikko Inkinen keskustelevat tuplajakson 1. osassa, mitä viivyttely oikein on, milloin viivyttely voi olla hyvä strategia, mitä kaikkea itselle haitallisen viivyttelyn taustasyihin voi lukeutua ja miksi opiskelijaelämä on erityisen altista aikaa viivyttelylle.

Paras hetki päivässä -psykologipodcast 2021

19. Prokrastinointi, viivyttely, lykkääminen, vetkuttelu. Osa 2 (external link)

Podcast EPS in Finnish. Opintopsykologit käyvät läpi ympäristöön ja olosuhteisiin sekä suunnitteluun liittyviä keinoja.

The Best Thing Today podcast series
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