Over 12 000 applicants applied to bachelor’s programmes

Especially the amount of first priority applicants increased.
Naispuolinen opiskelija katsoo yläviistoon läpinäkyvän seinän edessä.

The number of applications to Aalto University in the joint application to higher education in Finnish and Swedish languages continued its increase from last year. Especially the amount of first priority applicants increased.

The number of applicants to the Finnish bachelor’s programme in the field of Business and Economics was 5730. Of these, 3576 were first priority applicants, which means a 12% increase.

In the field of Science and Technology there were 4314 applicants. Of these, 3029 were first priority applicants, which means a 11% increase. The number of applicants includes applicants who apply based on Open University studies and MAOL competitions. The programme in Landscape Architecture saw the biggest increase (50%) in the number of applicants, with 78% of them first priority applicants.

In the field of Art and Design there were 1853 applicants. Of these, 1488 were first priority applicants, which means a 10% increase there as well.

All numbers are based on the reports taken from the Studyinfo service right after the application period finished. This means that the number may vary a bit later on when the reports are updated and the handling of applications starts.

Results of the joint application to higher education will be published on 8 July 2020 at the latest.

At the beginning of the year, there was also an increase in applicants to Aalto’s English speaking Bachelor’s programmes: the amount of applicants went up 50% from last year.

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