Novel solutions for cross-sector collaboration: exploring Artpreneurship

Finnish creative economy holds tremendous growth potential, in particular, if carried out in innovative, cross-sector partnerships. New co-research project Luova Lämpiö aims to change and expand the landscape and enable the alignment of value chains, underline mutual benefit, and stimulate growth.
Anniina Suominen Photo: Evelin Kask
Project Lead Anniina Suominen Photo: Evelin Kask

It may sound odd to claim that communication barriers and information gaps exist between different sectors in Finland, but this void in knowledge transfer seems to be preventing vast segment of the creative professionals and companies from establishing and expanding upon mutually beneficial collaborations.

In particular, creative professionals who do not typically work in commercial partnerships lack network connections, but also basic knowledge and terminology for effectively communicating their expertise to potential business partners. Different sectors rely on partially outdated perceptions of each other's values, aims and operational cultures. This, combined with underdeveloped mutual terminology, lead to situations where potential partners do not understand each other's value potential, skills or goals.

Two-year co-research project Luova Lämpiö, funded by Business Finland, aims to create the needed knowledge base for a partially automated facilitation, service, and collaboration model that is initially developed and scaled in Finland and during later stages internationally. 

Astrid smiling, not facing the camera, back against a white wall.
Professor Astrid Huopalainen Photo: Jaakko Kahilaniemi

Fostering non-typical alliances

While certain areas of creative industry have increased their contributions to the Finnish BKT during recent years, other, traditionally less commercial segments of creative sector are largely isolated from other sectors. These professionals are rarely hired to work in other sectors for positions that utilize their expertise. On the other hand, creative businesses already working with companies are always looking to renew their practices. 

Looking beyond conventional business thinking, researchers aim to identify and apply new ways of entrepreneurial and collaborative practices that can disrupt restrictive business-creative sector collaborations, which are too often limited to commissioned projects, outsourcing and purchasing of creative- and design services. At Aalto University, this new entrepreneurial orientation is referred to as Artpreneurship.

Aalto researchers set out to develop a new model for forming and facilitating non-typical, novel collaborations and partnerships that engage freshly graduated creative sector talents and experienced creative professionals who do not traditionally collaborate with businesses in developing innovative solutions to cross-sector business challenges.

Artpreneurship advances artistic ways of thinking and values based on ethics, integrity, and broad sense of sustainability.

Anniina Suominen, Project Lead

Based on Five-partner-model

The project is a five-partner-model that brings together academics, specialists from different industry fields, non-creative sector business partners, a network of creative professionals and creative and innovative technology developers. To generate research results that can contribute to a broader change in entrepreneurial and cross-sector collaborations, a team with curiosity and an agenda to rattle restrictive thinking and practices was needed (e.g. ethical contracting, IPR, AI accessibility, sustainability). 

The core researchers are a transdisciplinary team from Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture and School of Business. Companies collaborate closely with academics, creative professionals and innovation experts. Company partners gain access to research data, novel ideas, and the opportunity to experiment with creative concepts, solutions and partnerships. The project involves internal Aalto partners like Aalto Innovation Services, international research collaboration with universities such as Aalborg University (Denmark) and business partners like Taiste Oy and Leapfrog Projects AB.

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 Anniina Suominen

Anniina Suominen

Project lead of Luova Lämpiö
Anniina is centrally involved in developing research and practices of artpreneurship.
 Olga Tasanko

Olga Tasanko

Project researcher
Olga's research focuses on Luova Lämpiö with a special interest in audio-related professions.
 Astrid Huopalainen

Astrid Huopalainen

Co-lead of Luova Lämpiö WP#1
Astrid's research focuses on interrelations and potential clashes between arts and organizing.
 Juuso Tervo

Juuso Tervo

Lead of Luova Lämpiö WP#3
Juuso works closely with art-based cross-sectional collaboration.
 Bassam El Baroni

Bassam El Baroni

Co-lead of Luova Lämpiö WP#4
Bassam's research lies at the intersection of curatorial practice and weird economics.
 Petra Hietanen-Kunwald

Petra Hietanen-Kunwald

Co-lead of Luova Lämpiö WP#4
Petra's research interests are proactive law, dispute systems design and system theory.
 Rupesh Vyas

Rupesh Vyas

Associate Professor
Rupesh investigates data visualisation through practice-based information design. Interested in complex data economies.
 Ricardo Dutra Gonçalves

Ricardo Dutra Gonçalves

Project researcher
Ricardo pursues practice-based research on social arts & design.
 Perttu Isohanni

Perttu Isohanni

Doctoral Researcher
Perttu's research focuses on AI and intellectual property rights, particularly copyright law.
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Luova Lämpiö co-research project is funded by Business Finland and NextGenerationEU. 

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