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Artpreneurship Research Group

Artpreneurship research group is formed by an interdisciplinary team of researchers aiming to rethink and change conventional entrepreneurial knowledge and practices by centralizing artistic and creative thinking and working strategies and by focusing on ethics, integrity and sustainable contracting practices with the creative sector. The group also studies the potential for intertwining entrepreneurial skills, tools and thinking strategies into art and media studies in a way that honours creative professionals' values, aims and working cultures.
Warm pastel colors of pinkish red on the left, sliding to warm tones of yellow in the middle and sliding towards light purple on the right. Color scheme is related to Luova Lämpiö co-research project and logo colors.
Color scheme of co-research project Luova Lämpiö. Designed by Sami Sorvali, 2024.

Artpreneurship centralizes artistic and creative thinking and working strategies. Aalto University's multidisciplinary research group describes Artpreneurship as an entrepreneurial mindset and a study of how to disturb and disrupt economic thinking and traditional entrepreneurial strategies by implementing creative processes and artistic interventions into entrepreneurial practices.  

Artpreneurship orientation aims to increase knowledge and widen the spectrum of understanding of the unique skills that creative professionals can bring into other sectors. Eventually, the aim is to intertwine entrepreneurial mindsets and skills into art studies to encourage and empower students and professionals in the creative field to boldly explore entrepreneurship as a possible career path.  


The Artpreneurship Research group has been working with multiple aspects of the project set-up, and as a result, the official website for Luova Lämpiö is now published, an ethical review request has been approved and an Instagram account has been made.

Additionally, an Open Call for Creative Professionals is open! Read more about the call from the official Luova Lämpiö website.


The Artpreneurship research group is setting things up with their newest co-research project, Luova Lämpiö.

Additionally, two of the Luova Lämpiö research team members were also working on a previous development project called Future Artpreneurship, which inspired a spark to create the project concept for Luova Lämpiö. Click to read more about the Future Artpreneurship development project or scroll down to read first about Luova Lämpiö and the Artpreneurship research group members.

Luova Lämpiö is currently hiring research assistants to help with facilitation, communication and documentation. 

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Official website of Luova Lämpiö (external link)

Official website of Luova Lämpiö co-research project.

Anniina Suominen Photo: Evelin Kask

Novel solutions for cross-sector collaboration: exploring Artpreneurship

Aalto researchers collaborate with businesses and creative professionals in a research project aimed at finding solutions to growth challenges.

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Future Artpreneurship (external link)

Future Artpreneurship project (2021-2022) is a collaboration project between a wide and international group of expert partners.

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Logo of Luova Lämpiö. Designed by Sami Sorvali, 2024.

Co-Research Project: Luova Lämpiö (Jan2024-Dec2025) [Active]

Luova Lämpiö co-research project springs from artpreneurial thinking. Lämpiö uses creative agoras, a multi-case research structure, to generate the concepts and principles for a new model for establishing and sustaining mutually beneficial, ethical cross-sector collaboration. Lämpiö responds to a void in research knowledge in ethical and sustainable entrepreneurial collaboration with the creative sector and makes it broadly accessible, and finally, creates proposals for broad application and scalability. With the generated research knowledge, the research project aims to support a much broader transition into an active, sustainable, and fair partnerships and incentive model for the arts and creative industry's cross-sector collaboration and partnerships.

The Research Team

The research group includes members from the faculty of Aalto University's School of Arts, Design and Architecture, and School of Business. Additionally, the group collaborates with other universities and partners from the creative sector, and companies and organizations from other sectors. Read more about the individual team members and projects from below. 


 Anniina Suominen

Anniina Suominen

The project lead of Luova Lämpiö. Anniina is centrally involved in developing research and practices of artpreneurship.
 Juuso Tervo

Juuso Tervo

Assistant Professor
Juuso leads Luova Lämpiö WP3 and works closely with art-based cross-sectional collaboration.
 Astrid Huopalainen

Astrid Huopalainen

Assistant Professor
Astrid is a co-lead of Luova Lämpiö WP1 and focuses on interrelations and potential clashes between arts and organizing.
 Bassam El Baroni

Bassam El Baroni

Associate Professor
Co-lead of Luova Lämpiö WP4. Bassam's research lies at the intersection of curatorial practice and weird economics.
 Petra Hietanen-Kunwald

Petra Hietanen-Kunwald

University Lecturer
Co-lead of Luova Lämpiö WP4. Petra's research interests are proactive law, dispute systems design and system theory.
 Rupesh Vyas

Rupesh Vyas

Associate Professor
Rupesh investigates data visualisation through practice-based information design. Interested in complex data economies.
 Ricardo Dutra Gonçalves

Ricardo Dutra Gonçalves

University Lecturer
Ricardo is a project researcher pursuing practice-based research on social arts & design.
 Perttu Isohanni

Perttu Isohanni

Doctoral Researcher
Perttu's research focuses on AI and intellectual property rights, particularly copyright law.
 Olga Tasanko

Olga Tasanko

Doctoral Researcher
Olga's research focuses on Luova Lämpiö with a special interest in audio-related professions.

Get familiar with topics the team members are passionate about

The individual research group members have various interests and different focus areas. See more about projects, courses and topics they are interested in and passionate about by clicking the cards below. 

NoVA study options

Nordic Master in Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA), Master of Arts (Art and Design)

Nordic Master in Visual Studies and Art Education (NM NoVA) is a double degree program between Aalto University (Finland) and Aalborg University (Denmark) in which students achieve a comprehensive understanding of Nordic practices and traditions in art education, visual culture, and cultural work.

Study options
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Aalto Creative Futures (external link)

Aalto university is engaged in promoting importance of creative fields and connected future internationally. This website is first iteration of promoting Creative Futures. We are inviting everyone to participate in this journey along with prominent, active groups and organization internationally.

Development Project: Future Artpreneurhip (Aug2021-Feb2023) [Finished]

The Future Artpreneurship project was a multidisciplinary and international collaboration from August 2021 to December 2022. Additionally, an ending seminar was held in January 2023 in Helsinki. The operative project team partners were Aalto University, Aalto University Executive Education and Professional Development, Pentagon Design and Pentagon Insight. In addition, the collaboration included a steering group and advisors. The project was funded by the Saastamoinen Foundation and Nordplus Horizontal.

Two members of the Artpreneurship research group were part of the operative team of the Future Artpreneurship project, and based on the key findings made during the project, background work and the need for a project like Luova Lämpiö was identified.

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