More than 12 000 applicants in joint application to Finnish and Swedish degree programmes

Applicants’ interest in Aalto University’s bachelor’s programmes remains strong.
Kaksi opiskelijaa.

The number of applicants remained high in this spring’s joint application to Aalto University’s bachelor’s programmes that are taught in Finnish and Swedish. There were 12 074 applicants and 7 903 had chosen one of Aalto’s study options as their first study choice. 

Vice President of Education Petri Suomala says, ‘We are glad to see that the interest in our programmes is this strong. For example, the new programmes in the field of science and technology attracted lots of applicants. We want to thank all the applicants and wish the best of luck for the spring and the upcoming entrance exams.’ 

In this spring’s national joint application, the Bachelor’s Programme in Economics and Business Administration in Finnish had 5 442 applicants of which 3 212 were primary applicants (applicants who set this programme as their first study choice). 

In the field of science and technology, there are 16 study options that received altogether 11 422 applications. The total number of applicants was 5 691 and 3 557 of them were primary applicants. The number of applicants also includes applicants who have applied via open university. The most popular programme in the field of science and technology was Computer Science. Additionally, the new programmes attracted strong interest among applicants and the two most popular programmes were Energy and Mechanical Engineering (1 022) and Engineering Psychology (737). 

In the field of art and design, the 14 study options had 1 652 applicants in total, of which 1 315 were primary applicants. This year the chart-climber was Film and Television Producing. The number of applicants in this study option increased by 37% and the share of primary applicants was 88%. 

The figures are taken from the Studyinfo service immediately after the application period ended so the figures may change slightly as the reports are updated and applications are processed. The results of the national joint application to higher education will be published by 8 July 2022 at the latest. 

Lifewide learning studies offer ways to upgrade your knowledge without degree education 

At Aalto University, you can complete study modules even without being enrolled in an educational institution. Aalto offers opportunities for lifewide learning that are available for everyone regardless of age or study background. The selection includes individual courses and modules, business management development services and continuing education in science, arts, technology and economics. 

Forms of studying vary from courses that can be completed online at any time to intensive group learning courses. For those considering degree studies, the courses can give a peek to university studies whereas people in working life can build up new skills that are needed in the ever-changing working life. 

Below you can find a few examples of Aalto University’s free online courses that are open to all: 


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Lifewide learningAalto University Open University Open University studies for upper secondary students


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