Light rail line 15 started operating on 21 of October

Remember to always use care and caution near tracks. Light rail line 15 started operating between Itäkeskus in Helsinki and Keilaniemi in Espoo on Saturday 21 October.
Pikaraitiovaunu Otaniemen pysäkillä

On Saturday 21.10 a new light rail line started between Itäkeskus in Helsinki and Keilaniemi in Espoo. Light rail number 15 runs on a 25-kilometre and 34-stop track, enhancing cross-traffic between east and west. 

Be cautious and always give way to the trams

Read more about safety below and on HSL website.

The line's route connects Itäkeskus, Aalto University, and Keilaniemi metro stations, as well as the Oulunkylä, Huopalahti, and Leppävaara railway stations.  Over time, the light rail will replace the currently operating trunk bus route 550. According to HSL, route 550 services will be withdrawn by the end of the year.

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Read more about the light rail 15 on HSL website

The light rail line has an effect on the way people can move around the campus – especially light traffic must take these factors into account.

A light rail differs from a regular tram. 

The average speed of the light rail is higher than that of trams in the Helsinki city center. The light rail will mostly run on a dedicated lane, separated from other traffic and the long straight sections of the track allow the light rail to run at a speed of up to 70 km/h. Therefore it's notable that light trail track crossings are at street level.

Moving around the Otaniemi campus area is diverse. Therefore, light traffic such as pedestrians and cyclists should always use care and caution near tracks. You should always avoid last-minute crossings because the braking distance of the heavy carriages is long.

At the light rail crossing, pedestrians are always obliged to give way to the trams.

Did you know that at the at the light rail crossing, pedestrians are always obliged to give way to the trams? Light traffic crossings therefore differ from normal crossing points where other traffic is always obliged to give way to pedestrians. There are no pedestrian crossing signs or road markings at the crossing points. The crossing points can be identified by the brown-toned paving. There is a white tram icon in the middle of the tracks.

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 Jokeri Light Rail line info

HSL: Questions and answer

HSL: more information on the light rail 15

Event image for light rail carnival, which is the opening event for the light rail line 15.

Light rail carnival - The opening event of the light rail line 15 in Otaniemi

The light rail line 15 will will start on Saturday 21 October at 9.20 from Otaniemi

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