Light rail line 15 started operating – changes to getting around Otaniemi campus

Take caution when walking near the tram tracks. The light rail trams have the right of way in the campus area and at crossing points.
A yellow sign with the words Katso, Obs, Look, a tram icon next to them, with an arrow above pointing to left and an arrow below pointing to right. All text and icons are in black. This is part of a campaign to increase safety near the new light rail tram.

Getting around the Otaniemi campus changed after the light rail line 15 started operating on 21 October 2023. Pedestrians and cyclists near the area between the Aalto University metro station exit and the Väre building, and the Undergraduate Centre can cross the tram tracks at a suitable point. 

Different transport modes use the same space, in this central area of Otaniemi between Korkeakouluaukio and Ainonaukio. The Light rail tram has the right of way, but pedestrians and cyclists can cross the light rail tracks in the area at any point they want, taking into account other traffic. Cyclists should cross the rails perpendicularly, as a tire hitting the rail groove can cause the risk of falling. 

As a general rule, motorists must also give way to the light rail tram. Moving around the Otaniemi campus area is diverse. Pedestrians and cyclists should always use care and caution near the tram tracks. You should always avoid sudden crossings as the braking distance of the heavy light rail carriages is long. 

What is a light rail crossing point? 

A crossing point is a point intended for crossing the light rail tracks, where the tram has the right of way. At the crossing point, anyone crossing the road must always give way to the tram. These crossing points on the Otaniemi campus can be found, for example, near the Aalto University tram stop (near the Harald Herlin Learning Centre) and the Kide building. Light-controlled crossings are found on Otaniementie and Maarintie. 

Along the light rail line route, crossing points go over the tracks. There is a normal pedestrian crossing on both sides of the tracks. There are no pedestrian crossing signs or road markings at the crossing points. 

The crossing points can be identified by their brown pavement. There is a white tram icon in the middle of the tracks. Crossing points and stops are accessible. Various tactile paving areas ensure the safe passage of visually impaired people at stops and crossing points.  

Read more on HSL site: 

Light rail line (HSL)

The crossing points (HSL)

Frequently asked questions (HSL)

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