Kide – the new name of the new building crystallises the bond between different disciplines

The Otakaari 2B building will now be known as Kide ('crystal'). The naming competition open to Aalto University students and personnel received 137 proposals.

The address of the building will also change by the end of 2023 to Konemiehentie 1.
An aerial image from early autumn of a new building soon to be finished on campus.
Photo: Aalto University/Mikko Raskinen

The Kide building (Otakaari 2B), which will soon be completed at the heart of the Aalto University campus in Otaniemi, was named through a naming competition open to all Aalto students and personnel. Kide, 'crystal' in English, reflects the bond between the disciplines of future users of the building.

Kide brings approximately 5 700 m2 of teaching, research and office space to the School of Science and the School of Electrical Engineering. The building complements the range of facilities of the university and brings flexibility to the operation of the different departments.

'We received many great and interesting name suggestions from the community, including some humorous ones. In the jury, we were looking for a name that reminds us of research in physics and electrical engineering, is easy to pronounce and fits the names of the existing campus buildings. Kide was chosen as the winning name in the jury's discussion,' says Aalto University's Chief Financial Officer Marianna Bom, who served as the chair of the jury.

A flowing name for a building focused on research 

The jury of the competition and President Ilkka Niemelä, who confirmed the final selection, describe the selection as a beautiful, flowing name that reflects the connection between the building and physics and electrical engineering. Kide is easy to pronounce and also suitable for the international audience. 

A total of 137 proposals were submitted to the naming competition, and they were processed anonymously. The jury chose two proposals for the decision of the president and the communications director. The winning name was proposed by Aalto University's Head of Research Services Ella Bingham.

The long-awaited new facilities will significantly increase the number of research, teaching and office space for experimental research in applied physics and for the needs of the Department of Information and Communications Engineering. 

The building will be connected to the Nanotalo building and the Nanomicroscopy Centre, allowing more opportunities for collaboration in the field of nanotechnology. Kide will be completed in October 2023, and its address will be changed before its introduction. The new street address will be Konemiehentie 1.

Interview requests and more information about the naming competition
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Illustration image depicting what Otakaari 2 could look like, people walking and cycling near Otakaari and Maarintie, man with sunglasses looks to the viewer, its sunny and there's an event in the corner of the building

Otakaari 2: Marsio and Kide

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OTK2 havainnekuva


Konemiehentie 1

A stairway leading down to a sunlight-filled lobby, with two paintings on the concrete walls of the staircase.

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Illustration image of an early autumn day, depicting Otakaari 2B from the opposite side of Tietotie. Some leaves are on the ground, there are people walking on campus, undistinguishable faces.

Suggest a new name for Otakaari 2B building

Send your proposal latest by 7 August!

Jukka Mäkelä ja Ilkka Niemelä

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