Keys To Your Wellbeing series is here

Keys To Your Wellbeing series by Oasis of Radical Wellbeing produces and collects wellbeing materials (science-based articles, podcasts, videos, trainings and exercises) on monthly changing topics.
Keys to your wellbeing

Keys To Your Wellbeing series is here! Oasis of Radical Wellbeing gathers a monthly package of themed wellbeing materials for you.

The second part of the seiries is about self-compassion. Those who practice self-compassion experience less fear of failure and are more motivated and self-confident than their non-self-compassionate peers. With the increased self-compassion, researchers have observed less procrastination with study assignments and fewer negative reactions to diverse situations.

The first part of the series was about Dealing with Feelings. Why is it important to recognize toxic positivity and learn to deal also with the so-called negative feelings? How can we learn to manage our feelings productively and interact with others about the feelings we are having?

The upcoming wellbeing packages will are published monthly during Spring 2023. Stay tuned!

Dealing With Feelings

Keys to Your Wellbeing I: Dealing With Feelings

The opportunity to be authentic, forms a central dimension of how satisfied a person is with their life.

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing

Keys to Your Wellbeing II: Self-Compassion With a Fierce Twist

Self-compassion helps, and you can learn and practice it.

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing
In It Together - Keys to Your Wellbeing IV

Keys to Your Wellbeing IV: In It Together

What kind of quality you bring to interaction with people? Connecting with others can be developed.

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing
Group Flow - What!?

Keys to Your Wellbeing III: Group Flow - What!?

Flow can also be achieved together with others!

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing
Keys to your Wellbeing V: Movement for a Better Brain

Keys to Your Wellbeing V: Movement for a Better Brain

Even a small amount of movement can refresh the brain and enrich thinking.

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing
Keys to Your Wellbeing

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing

On these pages you will find information and interesting references to improve wellbeing at Aalto University!

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