Four student projects receive funding through Unite! Seed Fund

The Unite! Seed Fund aims to activate students from the nine Unite! universities to jointly pursue new activities, e.g., joint projects, exhibitions, events, excursions, competitions, hackathons, in areas such as innovation, sports, career, language, education, communication, outreach or any other promising idea. The second round of Unite! Seed Fund for student activity will fund four projects.
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Unite! Seed Fund Ideathon

The applicants are Simon Malacek (TU Graz, coordinator), Milica Zivanic (UPC) and Luisa Cardoso (Aalto). The Unite! Seed Fund Ideathon aims to gather curious, proactive, and open-minded students to meet their Unite! peers and develop ideas for collaborative projects that can be pursued within the next Unite! Seed Fund call in autumn 2024. The key to sustainable cross-university projects and relationships is a strong sense of belonging to a community. Thus, this three-day in-person event will encompass (1) guided team-building activities, where students will make friends, have fun, and learn about the spirit, diversity, opportunities, and internationality within Unite! and (2) educational activities, where the basics of project writing and the impact that students can make within Unite! will be put into perspective. Together, these should help students (3) to form inter-university teams and come up with relevant and feasible project proposals they are excited about. Afterwards, the teams will be encouraged and offered support in applying for the Unite! Seed Fund to bring their ideas to life. 

International training program for students: “Versatile Engineers of the future”

The applicants are Bartosz Stec andMarta Jaworska (Wust, coordinator), Vanessa Filipe (ULisboa) and Paolo Dragone (PoliTo). The project aims to provide a comprehensive training program to students from UNITE! alliance universities, involving Wroclaw Tech, Politecnico di Torino and Universidade de Lisboa. The project revolves around developing soft, project management and leadership skills with the idea of applying such skills in the technical environment, for example, low-consumption vehicle design. Both the technical and soft skills knowledge will collide in a single programme involving the three student groups - about 24 people. The project is based on the 5-day training camps in each country. The camps focus on three aspects: learning, training, and group work experiences between people from different student organisations and different study environments.

Astrum Deluge

The applicants are Michal Kos and Adam Domachowski (WUST, Coordinator) and Esther Szabo and Xiyao Song (KTH). In a collaborative effort between PWr in Space from Poland and ÆSIR from Sweden, two student rocketry associations have united to exchange knowledge and expertise in developing innovative structures for renowned student rocketry competitions. Their shared ambition is the creation of an aerodynamically controlled rocket, powered by a custom solid propellant rocket motor. Achieving this complex project requires extensive collaboration, offering rich educational opportunities for cross-cultural learning. Beyond the technical aspects, the joint goal extends to not just developing and building but launching the rocket together. This collective endeavour serves as a unique opportunity for mutual growth, fostering a deeper understanding between student groups from distinct parts of Europe. The project is poised to be a testament not only to technological prowess but also to the power of collaborative learning and cultural exchange, transcending borders and enriching the experiences of all involved.

Joint Unite Movement Project (JUMP)

The applicants are: THS Sports (KTH, coordinator), Desporto Aeist (ULisboa) and Matheo Dapper (TUDa). The Joint Unite! Movement Project (JUMP) envisions a collaborative sports camp, uniting three Unite! connected universities. The camp, hosted in Stockholm, Lisbon or Darmstadt, aims to create a sense of unity by allowing participants to explore new sports and share their athletic experiences. JUMP is intended to serve as a precursor to a larger sports festival, aspiring to transcend the Unite! network and create enduring connections. The comprehensive seven-day sports camp involves diverse sporting activities, social interactions and workshops focusing on organisational improvement, growth strategies, and enhanced collaboration between university sports clubs.

Applications are open until 15 March 2024

The Unite! Seed Fund has bi-annual calls for the funding measures on Student Activities. For more information about the seed fund and how to apply, please, follow the link below. The third call is open until 15 March 2024. 

Apply for seed funding to create collaborative activities with students from other Unite! universities

Get up to 20 000 Euros for a collaborative project.

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