Application period for FITech summer courses is open

Aalto University and other Finnish universities of technology offer courses for Finnish people and permanent residents of Finland. Studies are free of charge and most of them are online. Apply to the summer courses now!
Opiskelijat istuvat pöydän ääressä ja tekevät yhdessä muistiinpanoja.

Want to learn new things this summer?

Choose from the selection of nearly 80 courses offered by Finnish universities of technology. Application period is now open and will close about a week before the start of each course.

Study offering includes courses for beginners as well as more advanced studies for specialists in different fields, such as ICT, energy storages and 5G technology. Majority of the courses are online so you can easily study alongside your everyday life.

Get to know all the courses on FITech website.

Update your project management skills

Knowledge and experience in project management is a highly valued skill in the modern working life where change and development are constant.

This summer you have an opportunity to study the essentials of project management free of charge and enter the autumn with an updated skillset!

Summer Boost 2022 consists of two separate courses (5+5 ECTS): the first one is Introduction to Project Management and the second one Strategic Project Management. You can apply to both or just one.

Read more and apply on the FITech website.

Kolme ihmistä kävelee vierekkäin alas portaita.

FITech Network University

Study courses organised by Finnish technical universities free of charge. Courses are aimed at all Finns and permanent residents of Finland.

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Kaksi ihmistä kävelee käytävällä ja puhuu keskenään.
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Apply now to FITech's autumn courses

FITech Network University offers plenty of interesting studies next autumn.
Nuori mies istuu rakennuksen kiviportailla ja selailee puhelintaan.
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FITech offers free studies for upper secondary school students

The courses cover topics such as the basics of programming and mobile applications, Python programming and machine learning.
The Ocean’s Curtain is inspired by the way the surface of water looks when viewed from the seabed. Kurotuksia - Higher Powers exhibition. Photo: Mikko Raskinen.
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Kurotuksia - Higher Powers student exhibition blending math and arts opens at Heureka today

Aalto University's interdisciplinary course "Crystal Flowers in Mirror Rooms: Mathematics meets Art and Architecture" culminates in the exhibition Kurotuksia - Higher Powers, which opens today at Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre. It celebrates a decade of promoting interdisciplinary interaction in the course and is the second time the course has an exhibition at Heureka.
Sofia Guridi pictured in a lab setting.
Research & Art, Studies Published:

Sofia Guridi is designing a better world with smart textiles

Sofia Guridi, a doctoral student at Aalto University’s Bioinnovation Center, wants to introduce bio-based smart textiles that help improve people’s everyday life.