Answer the University Preview 2022 survey

Aalto community members and stakeholders are invited to answer the survey by 30 September. The goal is to identify relevant changes in the global context and analyse how they may affect Aalto University’s strategic and operational activities.
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The survey is part of the University Preview, a communal foresight process that is part of our annual processes. We welcome all kinds of responses and observations and invite members of the Aalto community and our stakeholders to participate until 30 September.​ You can read more about our annual planning process below.

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Changes in the global context— theme for University Preview 2022

University Preview is a communal foresight process integral to Aalto’s living strategy that enables the university to proactively react to changes in the operating environment. The process involves a community event together with our board (Aalto University Foundation Board), foresight survey and discussion by the Aalto Management Team (AMT). Read more about University Preview.

The open strategic foresight survey administered in 2020 and 2021 led to the identification of many signals, trends and developments in our operating environment. We have annually selected the most relevant trends, studied them further and taken them into our planning as part of the University Dialogue process. For the University Preview 2022, the Aalto community will collaboratively explore a trend in detail based on the information gathered during the previous years.

Outcomes of the University Preview process

During the previous years, we have identified key emerging trends and developments and updated the description of the major trends shaping Aalto. We have also analysed the ways in which these signals and trends may shape Aalto’s core activities as part of our annual processes. The emerging signals and trends relevant to Aalto’s operations identified in 2020 and 2021 were: future of work, global sustainability crisis, changing landscape of higher education and shifting of global economy and security.

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Read about the university's strategy and the annual processes. 


Our strategy

Aalto University's future is built upon a foundation of high-quality research, education, impact and shared values – responsibility, courage, and collaboration. The purpose of the university is to shape a sustainable future.

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University Preview

In University Preview we assess together the assumptions related to our operating environment in relation to new trends.

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