Aalto University admits 2044 new students to Finnish, Swedish bachelor’s programmes

Over 12 600 in Finland's spring joint application procedure in March
Opiskelijoita ja henkilökuntaa iltoisemassa avajaispäivänä. Aalto-yliopisto/ Lasse Lecklin
Aalto University / Lasse Lecklin

2044 new students were admitted to Aalto’s Finnish and Swedish bachelor’s programmes. 1475 of the new students were chosen for the field of technology, 413 for business and 156 for the arts. Additionally, 28 and 24 new students were admitted to the fields of technology and business, respectively, based on the Open University track.  

'Congratulations to all new students and a warm welcome to Aalto University!', greets Vice President Petri Suomala

Both the technology and the business field admit students based on their grades in the national matriculation exams. In the field of technology, 80% of the new students were admitted based on their grades, and in the field of business 60%. The rest of the students are admitted based on their performance in the entrance exams.

In addition to the spring joint application procedure, it is possible to apply to the programmes through a transfer application procedure, which allows students at a school or in a study option to apply for a transfer to different school or study option. This year, 20 were admitted to Aalto through that procedure. 

On 4 July 2023, Aalto University published the results of admissions to the bachelor’s programmes taught in Finnish and Swedish. Applicants can check their results on My Studyinfo at

Open University studies offer an alternative to entrance exams and certificate-based admissions 

'We want to provide opportunities to study flexibly, without the requirement to obtain the right to study towards a degree. For example, Aalto University’s Open University offers studies for anyone who wants to take university courses. It is also a great alternative to admissions based on entrance exams and certificate-based admissions, since you can apply for technology or business degree studies through the Open University track', Suomala explains.

The fields of technology and business admit students based on their academic performance in Open University. The tracks are available for specific study options and registration is open year-round. The next opportunity to apply through the Open University track is during the autumn joint application procedure, which runs from 4 to 14 September and is for the field of technology. 

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Online courses open for all

Learn more about Open University track in Finnish:

Open University route to a degree student in technology

Open University route to a degree student in business

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