Aalto Summer School offers summer studies for all learners

Aalto Summer School promises an exciting summer full of unforgettable academic experiences and lively social activities. The Otaniemi campus is the perfect summer destination for students and lifelong learners alike.
The Otaniemi campus is a spectacular summer destination. Photo: Unto Rautio

The curriculum for the summer ranges from courses such as the intensive primer on digital business for graduate students, Digital Business Master Class, to an in-depth look at immersive experiences in Aalto Venture Program’s Creating Multidimensional Experiences. Aalto Summer School makes full use of the summer teaching period by offering courses and programmes for all learners. Digital Business Master Class alumnus Tyler Spring tells about his experience in Finland: “It’s not often that you get the opportunity to spend two weeks surrounded by like-minded individuals from around the globe where you’re not only learning from each other’s experiences, but also from instructors about the latest digital trends and new ways of working in an experiential setting.”

Head of Summer School Laura Sivula sees huge potential in utilising Otaniemi campus during the summer semester: “Aalto University’s global reputation in teaching and learning is growing and Otaniemi campus is a very inspiring destination for summer studies. During the summer semester, we can really focus on building meaningful academic experiences for all learners. Aalto Summer School courses and programmes are multidisciplinary and are tightly knit with the local business and societal landscapes. The summer semester is a great opportunity to get immersed in challenge-based learning.”

Aalto Summer School courses and programmes are multidisciplinary and are tightly knit with the local business and societal landscapes.

Laura Sivula, Head of Aalto Summer School

An unforgettable summer

Alongside unforgettable academic experiences, Aalto Summer School organises lively and exciting social activities to make the most of summer. The Aalto Summer School social programme showcases the best that Otaniemi and the capital region of Finland have to offer. Students get to experience the Otaniemi campus area with easy metro access to the Helsinki city centre, which is a lively summer city filled with interesting events, festivals, restaurants and museums.

The summer in Finland is truly remarkable. The sun only briefly sets below the horizon, creating nightless nights with daylight around the clock. The Otaniemi Campus is perfectly located to experience the phenomenon. Go for a midnight swim in the sea or enjoy the night in a hot tub at Rantasauna, all in near daylight conditions. Those who venture further beyond the arctic circle in Finland can experience over two months of 24/7 daylight.

Aalto University / group of students walking under trees / photography: Roee Cohen
The Otaniemi campus is full of exciting activities during the summer. Photo: Roee Cohen

International and multidisciplinary by design

Aalto Summer School has courses specially designed for international students. The courses combine on-campus and online learning using a formula that has been tested with the Digital Business Master Class  organised by the School of Business. Program Manager Laura Kitinoja has worked with developing the Master Class concept:

“The combination of online and on-campus learning offers our international students a great opportunity for experiencing Finland and Aalto University without committing to a long exchange. The two weeks on-site allow our students to participate in exciting company visits, network with each other and enjoy Helsinki and Espoo. Meanwhile, the online period helps students get a head start on company projects and gives room for reflection amongst the intensive schedule.”

At Aalto University, science and art meet technology and business. This multidisciplinary approach to education is also visible in the curriculum of Aalto Summer School. The curriculum has a selection of courses from different schools of Aalto University, offering experiences for high school, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral students.

The international and multidisciplinary landscape creates huge possibilities for meaningful and valuable networking during the courses. Different forms of team projects and social events ensure that students create lifelong social networks that span the globe and open up new doors.

"I had a great time during this course, and I will miss all the friends I made. I wish we’d had more time together, but I’m sure we’ll see each other again someday." Adam Lim, Creating Multidimensional Experiences Alumnus, commented in his student story for Creating Multidimensional Experiences 2019.

Who can apply?

Aalto Summer School is open for everybody. This includes all Aalto degree students, students from other universities in Finland through JOO-agreement, students from Aalto partner universities, international students, and lifelong learners. 

The tuition fee for courses and programmes varies depending on the course and student status. You can find more information on the Aalto Summer School website.

Apply now

The first semester of Aalto Summer School starts in June 2020. The curriculum for the 2020 summer teaching period will be available on the Aalto Summer School website in February 2020. Some Aalto Summer School courses and programmes are already accepting applications.

For further information:

Laura Sivula
Head of Summer School
+358 50 384 7228
[email protected]

Aalto Summer School is a destination for 2020. We welcome students from all around the world to come and join us on our beautiful campus. #aaltosummer2020

Aalto Summer School

Aalto Summer School offers high quality academic summer courses and programs at Aalto University.

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Aalto University Otaniemi Campus in Summer / Photo by Aalto University, Mikko Raskinen
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