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Lifewide learning for organisations

Aalto University is supporting organisation’s strategy implementation and deepening the competencies in the preferred subjects in identified target groups and teams. Continuing professional development is needed in the rapidly changing environment.

How can Aalto University support in up- and reskilling needs? 

Aalto University Lifewide Learning offers high quality competence development services that utilise Aalto University’s multidisciplinary faculty and approach. With our vast study portfolio and expertise in various fields, we can provide different kind of solutions for continuing professional development and staff training. One example of customised solutions are programmes that provide employees an opportunity to complete academically verified credentials. These programmes include self-based online learning, simulation and a live or online event with a study group.

New technologies enable new ways to learn. One of Aalto's most important development targets for lifewide learning are microcredentials, in which learning focuses on short courses or study modules. Microcredentials may include various elements, such as micro-learning or degree courses. For example, micro-learning modules can be stacked into micro-courses and further into microcredentials.

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The aim of the certificates is to support companies' need in updating and validating knowledge and providing employees the opportunity to complete academic verified credentials.

Laura Sivula, Business Area Director, Lifewide Learning

Take the next step in developing your organisation

Our high-quality, interdisciplinary, and impactful training solutions help our client organisations reach their competence development goals, from broadening participants' horizons to reaching for organisational renewal. Begin from evaluating your organisation’s learning needs and objectives and with the help of our professionals, together we will find the starting level. Tailored learning paths will enhance employee skills and performance, boost job satisfaction and engagement and make impact by adapting to industry disruptions and market changes.

Let us help to find the best courses or study programmes for your employees. Please contact Laura Sivula to find out what would be the best solution for your organisation!

In adjustment and lay-off situations discover tailored services and training programs designed to empower individuals facing job displacement. Our comprehensive support focuses on rapid re-employment, offering personalized guidance, skill development, and resources to navigate career transitions successfully. Read more 

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Aalto University training programme helps ABB employees to prepare for the green transition

ABB's business success is based on the continuous development of its employees' skills and knowledge.

scrolling website

Aalto is developing its lifewide learning offering – microcredentials can now be used to build on existing competence

Microcredentials are particularly useful for meeting rapidly emerging competence needs.

First Time Manager program workshop with students / photo: Johnny Jussila/AaltoEE

Peer support between new managers emphasised in Aalto's First Time Manager programme

Especially peer-to-peer meetings were praised among the participants.

People in a meeting discussing excitedly.

Aalto University has launched a corporate collaboration with Murata to support lifewide learning

The collaboration has produced a website representing hand-picked courses for Murata’s employees.

Illustration of a person holding their CV.

Finland Works open online course (external link)

In this course, we will look at how to navigate Finnish working life and how to build a career. We explore working life in Finland from societal, organisational and individual perspectives.

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