Language and communication studies

Study advice

This section gives you practical information on studying at the Language Centre.

Course registration and admission

Registration for language and communication courses, check Language and communication studies. See the course description for details on the registration timetable, course timing and teacher-in-charge. Students registering after the course is full are placed on a waiting list.

English courses fulfilling the language requirement of the university give priority to students with a higher total number of credits towards the degree. Please remember to mention your total number of credits when registering for English courses in Sisu.

Attendance policy

Students are normally required to attend 80% of classes if no other information is given by the teacher of the course. Registration for courses is confirmed by attending the first class of the course. Students who drop out of the course without good reason will fail the course.

The teacher is not obligated to arrange make-up assignments for students who have failed to attend classes. It is the responsibility of the students to find out about assignments that have been given while they were absent. Lengthy periods of absence must be supported by a medical certificate. Students must negotiate with the teacher on the completion of a course interrupted by a lengthy period of absence when returning to studies.

If classes are cancelled due to, e.g. the teacher falling ill, this is communicated to the students without delay.

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