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Language Study Entity or Communication Study Entity

Language Study Entity or Communication Study Entity

Field of business - Minor in Multilingual Business Communication

The Minor in Multilingual Business Communication (24 cr) consists of two 12-credit study modules completed in two different languages. The minor may be counted towards either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration. Depending on the degree objectives, the minor may consist entirely of courses designed for business students.

In both languages, students begin by taking studies at their own skill level and then continue by taking the successive courses to complete the module. The minor may not include any rudimentary language courses; the lowest starting level on the CEFR scale is A2. The target level of the minor varies between B2 and C1, depending on the student’s starting level.

In languages written in non-Latin alphabets (such as Russian) and in Finnish for Foreigners studies, the starting level may be A1.3 and the target level B1.2 to C1.

Field of technology and art - Study module

Students can complete the study module by taking at least 15 credits in their choice of language or communication studies.

The completion of the module is arranged by the student together with the language or communication coordinator. Students who complete the module are awarded a separate certificate.

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