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Landscape Research Laboratory

Landscape Research Laboratory is committed to promote ecologically, socially, and culturally sustainable future through interdisciplinary research.

We generate impulses towards a renewed relationship with nature and an understanding of the deep interdependency between human and nature. We investigate how to respond to the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss and support wellbeing both for humans and non-humans. In the Laboratory, we boldly look into the future and tackle the questions related to the sustainability change in a concrete and societally impactful way. We also study the past and examine environmental changes and the evolvement of landscape architecture to understand the temporal continuum of our landscape.

As professionals of planning and design, we have skills to operate in the interface between practice and research and produce research-based and applicable solutions for urban and landscape planning. We have a broad and close collaboration with municipalities, governmental authorities, businesses, citizens, and other stakeholders. We also promote the link between research and education. 

Practice-oriented research in the landscape laboratory

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    The Laboratory brings together landscape architecture research projects, collaboration networks, publication projects and doctoral researchers. Check out our research!


    Associate professor Ranja Hautamäki
    Assistant professor Elisa Lähde

    Research projects


    The multidisciplinary project quantifies the carbon sequestration and storage potential of urban green and creates new carbon-smart planning solutions.

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    CoCarbon / Ranja Hautamäki

    Suburban landscape

    The project recognizes ecosystem services and cultural heritage as integral parts of the suburban landscapes and their development.

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    Lähiömaisema Aada Taipale

    Changing nature and landscape architecture discourses

    The project investigates the design discourses and changing conceptions of nature in Finnish post-war landscape architecture.

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    Muuttuva luonto _ Ranja Hautamäki

    Regenerative coastal and marital landscapes

    The project investigates and develops opportunities of Finnish coastal and marine areas to transition into regenerative socio-ecological systems.

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    tutkimusalue Elisa Lähde

    Urban nature in the compact city

    The project examines the planning discourses and design practices of green structure and urban nature in a densifying city.

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    Kaupunkiluonto tiivistyvässä kaupungissa _ Ranja Hautamäki

    Saaren kartano - beyond sustainability

    The goal of the project is to strengthen the multispecies cooperation in the Saaren kartano manor area and create impulses towards a regenerative relationship with nature.

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    saaren kartano mynämäki

    Nordic Models of Welfare and Landscape

    The Nordic research network examines how welfare and welfare society have been conceptualized and materialized in landscape architecture.

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    Welfare landscape verkosto _ Ranja Hautamäki

    Diverse Urban Nature

    The project examines how biodiversity is understood in the urban environment and how this is reflected in planning and design solutions.

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    urban biodiversity

    Green heritage of landscape architecture

    The project examines the cultural heritage of landscape architecture and the evaluation and preservation of historical landscapes.

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    Completed research projects

    Hiilipuisto - Carbon Park

    Hiilipuisto project launches scientific monitoring of biochar-based planting soils and develops sustainable practices in the green building sector.

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    Kuva: Esko Salo

    Where are the women in Scandinavian landscape architecture?

    The Nordic network explores the role of women in twentieth-century landscape architecture and its historiography.

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    Where are the women _ verkosto _ Ranja Hautamäki

    Mainstreaming the Green Factor Tool

    The project investigates and mainstreams the Green Factor Tool to support climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as biodiversity.

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    Viherkerroin / Mari Ariluoma


    The project develops practices and processes to support mainstreaming nature-based solutions in municipalities and regions.

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    Tasapeli / Ranja Hautamäki

    iWater – integrated stormwater management

    In iWater-project new strategies, innovations and tools are developed for stormwater management.

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    iWater /

    UrbanStormwaterRisk - Stormwaterpilot project between Finland and Chine

    The aim is to develope stormwater flood risk management in pilot project between Finland and China.

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    Doctoral dissertations

    Minna Komulainen, 2010

    Forestscapes – Forest Landscape Typology as an Integrated Planning Process Tool

    Ranja Hautamäki, 2016

    Kartanot kaupungissa: Helsingin kartanoympäristöjen kaupunkimaistuminen, säilyttäminen ja yhteensovittaminen kaupunkirakenteeseen

    Outi Tahvonen, 2019

    Scalable green infrastructure and the water, vegetation, and soil system - Scaling-up from Finnish domestic gardens

    Elisa Lähde, 2020

    Mission Blue-Green: The Significance of Co-Creation to Promote Multifunctional Green Infrastructure within Sustainable Landscape and Urban Planning and Design in Finland

    Maria Jaakkola, 2021

    Understanding Green Urban Landscape — A Phenomenological Approach

    Dissertation projects

    Xenia Abramovich:
    Definition and development of peri-urban green infrastructure (Supervising Professor Elisa Lähde) 

    Mari Ariluoma:
    Optimizing the carbon sequestration and storage potential of urban green (Supervising Professor Ranja Hautamäki, Funding: Co-Carbon-hanke)

    Felix Bourgeau:
    (Supervising Professor Elisa Lähde)

    Miia Heikkilä:
    Restorative Experiences in Forests and Japanese Gardens. Holistic Approach for Healing Environmental Design (Supervising Professor Ranja Hautamäki)

    Jukka Jormola:
    Replacing the lost - planning of reproduction channels and rapid landscapes. Menetetyn korvaaminen – lisääntymisuomien ja koskimaiseman suunnittelu (Supervising Professor Ranja Hautamäki)

    Elina Kalliala:
    Developing the assessment and follow-up for sustainable communities (Supervising Professor Ranja Hautamäki)

    Leena Lahdenvesi-Korhonen:
    Maisematietoisuus ja elinkeinotoiminta kunnan kulttuuriympäristöohjelmissa. (Vastuuprofessori Ranja Hautamäki)

    Bhavna Mishra:
    (Supervising Professor Elisa Lähde)

    Caroline Moinel:
    A life cycle approach to urban green spaces (Supervising Professor Ranja Hautamäki, Funding: Co-Carbon-hanke)

    Aaja Peura:
    Extending our knowledge of Kalmian gardens – a theoretical and practical study (Supervising Professor Ranja Hautamäki)

    Nicolette Slagle:
    Phytoremediation as a tool for environmental and social justice (Supervising Professor Elisa Lähde)

    Emilia Weckman:
    Kestävän ympäräristösuunnittelun KESY-toimintamallin arviointi (Supervising Professor Elisa Lähde)

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