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In Finland, it is common for university students to work part-time during the academic terms or full-time over the summer months. On this page, you can find more information about working as an international student in Finland.

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Right to work during studies

Degree and exchange students are allowed to work in Finland during their studies, with certain restrictions. The restrictions have to do with nationality (EU/EEA or non-EU/non-EEA) and the nature of the employment.

Right to work after graduation

If you have a job upon graduation, you can directly apply for a new residence permit on the basis of work before your student residence permit expires.

If you don't have a job upon graduation, you can apply for a residence permit to look for work or to start a business. This permit is meant for job seeking and you can get the permit for two years at the most. When you find a job, you should apply for a new residence permit on the basis of work.

If you decide to start your own business or work as a freelancer or a 'light entrepreneur' after graduation, you should apply for the residence permit for entrepreneurs. You need to have a Business ID in order to get the residence permit for entrepreneurs.

Finnish working life

Finland has been ranked many times as the happiest country in the world and many features of Finnish working life attest to the healthy work-life balance. Nevertheless, as an international student it can sometimes feel tricky to find your way in the Finnish job market. Aalto University has created an online course Finland Works, which is a starting point for understanding the working life in Finland. You can register for the course anytime and study at your own pace. In addition, Info Finland provides more practical information about working in Finland, such as employees' rights and obligations.

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Language Centre

The Language Centre is a joint teaching and service unit for languages and communications at Aalto University both for students and staff. The goal of the Language Centre is to provide students and staff with such language and communication skills that give a strong foundation for success in both studies and in the world of work.

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Kielibuusti - Teaching Finnish and Swedish to international experts

Kielibuusti (Language Boost) develops the teaching of Finnish and Swedish. Learn more about how we do it!


Working as a student

In Finland, it is common to have a job alongside your university studies. Many Finnish students work part-time during their study terms and seek summer jobs or internships for the summer months. Finnish employers often expect university graduates to have some previous work experience when they are looking to hire them, and therefore international students are advised to look for part-time and summer jobs already during their first year of studies. You can find detailed information about these topics in the JobTeaser’s Job Search Guide.

Designing your career

The future of work is more volatile than before, and many people cannot rely on stable career tracks any longer. To prepare for the constantly changing world of work, Aalto encourages you to start thinking about your future career already when you start your studies. Career design helps you to create a meaningful career path based on your strengths, values and aspirations. Aalto Career Design Lab supports your journey with career design courses, mentoring, coaching, online resources, job fairs and more. If you need individual guidance, you can book an appointment with one of the career advisors on JobTeaser.


Career Design Lab

Shaping sustainable and meaningful careers

Aalto University School of Business offers wide range of career services for our students

Career Services for School of Business students

Aalto University School of Business Career Services offer a wide range of services to our students.

School of Business
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Aalto JobTeaser (external link)

Aalto JobTeaser portal for job ads, career events and guidance

Finding jobs

When it’s time to start searching for a summer job, an internship or commissioned thesis work, you can start by registering at Aalto JobTeaser to access jobs that specifically target Aalto students. Once you have registered, you can access the virtual Job Search Guide to get extensive information about different steps and tools for finding a job.


If you work in Finland, you have to pay taxes on your income, even if you are a student. The taxation policy depends on how long you stay in Finland and on the type of your employment. If you stay in Finland for longer than 6 months, you will be taxed progressively, meaning that your tax rate depends on your annual income level.

Before you start working, you need to get a tax card and/or an individual tax number from the Tax Administration. For this, you will need to have a Finnish personal identity code (ID). Please check the detailed instructions from the Finnish Tax Administration website.

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