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Tervetuloa oppimaan suomea! Welcome to learn the Finnish language!

In this section you will find information on the Finnish language courses offered by Aalto University, gain knowledge on the advantages of learning Finnish and get practical tips on how to learn the language in and out of the classroom.
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Advantages of learning Finnish

Being able to speak and understand Finnish is important to fully enjoy life, leisure and social relations in the country. The language is also key to accessing general information and understanding the local culture. Many international talents find employment in Finland thanks to their Finnish language skills. Knowing a rare language can also be an advantage in international positions. 

Language learning has many benefits: it develops thinking skills, increases creativity and helps to understand the local culture, which in turn can make integration and social inclusion easier. Even a basic knowledge of the local languages makes it easier to function in everyday life and to establish social relationships. In Finland, you can get by well in English at first, but over time Finnish language skills will become more important. It is therefore a good idea to start learning Finnish as soon as you arrive in Finland.

When looking for a job, showing that you are willing and motivated to learn Finnish shows traits that employers typically value: commitment and eagerness to new things. Finnish language skills are particularly important for career progression. Language skills help to integrate in the communities around you - an understanding of the language promotes a sense of belonging and reduces feelings of being an outsider.

The Finnish language may be slightly different from the languages you have studied before. But don't be alarmed - as you learn more Finnish, you'll find that there's a lot of logic and clarity in the language. Learning a new language is fun, fascinating and beneficial! 

Overview of the Finnish courses at Aalto University

The Aalto University Language Centre offers Finnish language courses from beginners to advanced level. There are also conversation courses and courses focusing on working life and Finnish in your own field.

You can start learning Finnish before you come to Finland with the Survival Finnish Online course and continue learning once you are in Finland. The Finnish 1 course is suitable for degree students who have no previous experience of Finnish. There are courses available until Finnish 8 (CEFR level B1-B2). 

The courses focus on learning and developing practical language skills. The courses are interactive, with lots of talking and fun activities in pairs and groups, aimed at promoting everyday language skills and language use outside the classroom.

You should start learning Finnish as soon as you arrive in Finland, so that you are already fairly fluent in Finnish by the time you graduate. This will increase your chances on the labor market and promote your integration into Finnish society.

Start planning your Finnish studies! 

Find out more on the Finnish language courses at Aalto University. Get to know your study options, find out which course is suitable for your language level and learn how to enrol on the courses. First and foremost, start planning your Finnish language studies now! Contact information and information on open university courses is also available.

In the illustration below, you can see an example of how to progress in your Finnish language studies at Aalto University. If you wish to progress more quickly, you can opt for intensive courses, which are available from Finnish 1 to Finnish 3. 

Visualization of the Finnish courses at Aalto University
Visualization: Jenni Lintumäki.

Finnish as a second language and as a foreign language

Information on the Finnish language courses

Click here for detailed information on the Finnish language courses at Aalto University.
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Additional information

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The Language Centre is a joint teaching and service unit for languages and communications at Aalto University both for students and staff. The goal of the Language Centre is to provide students and staff with such language and communication skills that give a strong foundation for success in both studies and in the world of work.

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