International students

Arrival at Aalto University

Information on arrival at Aalto University for incoming exchange students

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Planning your arrival

Read this part once you have been accepted for exchange by Aalto University

Preparing for the start of your studies

Read this part approx. 4 weeks before the start of your exchange

Arrival at Aalto

Read this part before you arrive at Aalto

Orientation for exchange students

Your studies start with an orientation. The aim of the orientation days is to help you settle in smoothly at the University and student life in Finland. Orientation is mandatory and all new students are expected to participate. Orientation is organized at the beginning of each term.

The orientation in the autumn 2023 is organised during the week 28 August – 1 September. Some orientation events are school-specific, so please follow the schedule given to you and attend the orientation of your Aalto school.  

Spring 2024 orientation is held during week one at the beginning of January, exact dates to be confirmed later.

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