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Aalto ARotor Lab

The ARotor laboratory is a full scale rotor laboratory with facilities to measure rotors of up to 25,000 kg.
ARotor laboratory


The ARotor laboratory is a full scale rotor laboratory with facilities to measure rotors of up to 25,000 kg. In close cooperation with our industrial partners and the National Metrology Institute of Finland VTT/Mikes, the Engineering Design group in Aalto University Department of Mechanical Engineering, it has a history of rotating machinery related research projects from over two decades. During these projects, many measurement based applications and devices have been developed, e.g. geometry measurement devices for large-scale rotors, bearing ring geometry measurement devices, balancing methods, ultrasonic rotor measurement systems for shell thickness, vibration measurement systems, etc.

Beside the measurement applications, machining applications have also been developed, such as 3D grinding methods to compensate measured geometry errors in large flexible rotors such as paper machine rolls. The developed compensation methods include compensation for dynamic geometry error, which can include deformations caused by the rotational forces and elevated temperatures.

Available equipment at ARotor laboratory

Research topics

Aalto University's ARotor laboratory Mems

Sensors in rotating machinery

Sensors in rotating machinery research at ARotor Laboratory

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ARotor Laboratory at Aalto University, akselimittaus

Rotor geometry measurement and manufacturing methods

Rotor geometry measurement and manufacturing methods at ARotor lab

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ARotor laboratory main test setup

Experimental rotor dynamics research

The ARotor laboratory provides a great possibility for experimental research.

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Measurement method separates shaft runout components

Rotating devices are used in numerous applications. A research project looked into why some new rotors machined for electrical devices do not reach industry standards for shaft runout.


TwinRotor Demo Day 13.12.2019

The demo day will feature results of the research project and a demonstrations in the ARotor research environment.

Paper machine roll at Aalto University ARotor lab

New research centre will promote research and development of autonomous systems

The multidisciplinary Aalto Center for Autonomous Systems (ACAS) focuses on research and development of intelligent transport systems, factories and infrastructures.

aalto center for autonomous systems banner and logo

Four new professors appointed in the School of Engineering

The professorships are located in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and in the Department of Civil Engineering.


ARotor laboratory research projects

This page summarizes the ongoing research projects at ARotor laboratory.

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ARotor laboratory research four point

ARotor industrial projects

This page summarizes the industrial research project carried out by Aalto ARotor laboratory.

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ARotor laboration akselimittausta
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