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Our alumni relations team is here to help! The best way to reach us is by email: [email protected] Detailed contact information can be found below.

Contact information

Aalto University Alumni relations
[email protected]
Alumni relations, School of Arts, Design and Architecture
[email protected]
Alumni relations, School of Business
[email protected]
Alumni relations, Schools of technical fields
[email protected]
Elisa Kouvonen
Head of Career Services and Alumni Engagement
[email protected]
Tel +358 50 571 7599
Riikka Heinonen
Manager,  Alumni Engagement & Career Services, Data management
[email protected]
Tel +358 50 331 6925

Susanna Ritala
Manager, Alumni Life-wide Learning and Community Development
[email protected]
Tel +358 50 547 2168

Kaisa Hölttä
Manager, Alumni Engagement & Career Services, Mentoring
[email protected]
Tel +358 50 3011 608   
Manager, Alumni Engagement & Career Services Marketing
[email protected]


Fiona Jokivuolle
Specialist, Alumni Relations
School of Business
[email protected]
[email protected]
Tel +358 50 433 9712

Seppo Saastamoinen (until 20.9.2022)
Manager, Alumni Relations 
School of Electrical Engineering
[email protected]
Tel +358 50 365 3706
Kirsi LaPointe
Project Manager, Career Design Lab
[email protected]
Tel +358 50 476 3368


You can update your contact data and be in touch with other alumni and students in our digital alumni community Aalto Alumni Circle.

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