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There are already a whopping one hundred thousand alumni at Aalto University - and each of them is as welcome to the Aalto community as when entering the campus for the first time. Whether you spent your study year in Otaniemi, the Arabian factory landscapes, the Töölö campus or even Fabianinkatu, you are an important part of our alumni family. By becoming an Aalto Alumni Agent, you will find a meaningful way for you to make an impact in our community and learn something new.

"We have over 100,000 alumni who are a crucial asset to the university. As the need for lifelong learning increases, alumni activities are now more important than ever. We want to provide a forum where working alumni have the opportunity to meet new members of the university community. I am glad that the alumni network represents diverse experience in various fields", says Ilkka Niemelä, President of Aalto University.

Become an Alumni Agent

The Aalto community offers students, researchers, and experts in different fields a unique environment to learn from one another. We want to take one step forward in ensuring that every member of the Aalto alumni network finds a meaningful way of taking part in our learning community.

As an Alumni Agent, you'll be an active member of our alumni network – on your terms. You will have rich opportunities for learning something new and deepening your knowledge while also contributing your valuable skills to our community.

Maybe you're entering a new phase in your career, and would like a little sparring from seasoned professionals? Perhaps you'd be keen to coach or mentor students who are pondering the very first steps of their career? Maybe you want to start a peer group on a theme close to your heart? Whether it's your old hobby or a new area of interest, you're sure to find like-minded people in our community.

You may also want to tell Aalto's stories and give guidance to high school students in your area who are interested in studying business, technology, art, or design. Or maybe it's just been way too long since you last got together, and you would like to create an evening to remember for your old school friends.

Many ways to be an Alumni Agent

Mentor a student or a young entrepreneur from your field, lead a peer group in the digital community Alumni Circle, represent alumni society at the Alumni Network Council or organize a reunion for your old friends. Options are plenty!


Community Agent

Lead a peer group in Alumni Circle,  represent alumni society or organise a reunion.

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Career Design Agent

Share your expertise in peer group, workshops, prototyping conversations or career story.

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Global Agent

Share your experiences as a local contact point or start a group in your country.

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Entrepreneurship Agent

Join the mentoring program run by Aalto Startup Center.

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 Two students studying at the Ekonominaukio 1 building.

Student Marketing Agent

Share your study experience at Aalto University for new and current students.

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Mentoring Agent

Share your career experience to a student, learn and get inspired.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can be an Aalto Alumni Agent?

Any alumni who graduated from Aalto University or its predecessor schools.

Do I have to be logged in to the Alumni Circle to be an alumni agent?

Yes. At the Alumni Circle portal, we maintain guidelines and other material as well as most of the information regarding the Alumni Agent activities. If your role requires that students can contact you, we will direct them to contact you through your Circle profile. You can also send private messages through Circle.

Can I book a meeting space on the Aalto University campus?

With the Aalto Space mobile app, you can book various meeting and group workspaces for immediate use. Read more and download the app to your phone.

The application also works on a browser basis:

If you can't find a suitable space, contact [email protected]

Where can I find information about campus facilities and mobility?

Read more here.

I no longer have time to act as an Alumni Agent. What do I do?

You can remove your role from the Alumni Circle. Contact [email protected] if you want your contact details to be removed from the mailing list as well. You can reactivate as an Alumni Agent at a more suitable time, if you wish.

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