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Are you an Aalto University alum ready to interact openly, share your experience, knowledge and skills, and develop your sparring skills? Gain new perspectives and knowledge of foreign cultures? Get to know the new generation of students and the multidisciplinary mentor network?

Apply to the Aalto University Mentoring Programme! Read more about the mentor's role and how to apply on this page. The applications for the 2024 Programme have now closed, but welcome onboard next year!
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What mentoring may provide you as a mentor

  • Opportunity to develop your mentoring, coaching and interpersonal skills
  • Opportunity to structure and assess your own skills and experiences
  • New perspectives and knowledge
  • Avenue for having a say at Aalto University
  • Chance to develop and expand your professional network
  • Chance to meet a representative from a foreign culture

What we expect from you as a mentor

  • Support the development of the student’s working life skills as a mentor
  • One-on-one time with the actor once a month, on average
  • Conversational and questioning approach instead of giving instructions
  • Ability to set targets and agree on practical matters with the actor
  • Responding to mentoring-related inquiries and providing feedback
  • If any problems arise during the programme, contact the manager of the programme ([email protected]

What we do not expect from you as a mentor

  • You are not required to offer your actor a job or an internship
  • You do not need to answer every single question that your actor has
  • You do not need to share all of your contacts with your actor

Please note that we are not able to cover possible mentoring-related travel expenses.

Who are the actor candidates?

The actors are Finnish and international Aalto University degree students who are currently completing their master’s or doctoral degree. When you sign up, you can choose whether you want to mentor a master's degree student or a doctoral degree student. The students have applied as actors on basis of their individual needs and expectations. Students applying to the programme represent almost all of Aalto University's fields. About half of the actor candidates are international students. Most of the students applying for the programme do their first degree, but there are also so-called adult students. Students do not received study credits for completing the programme.

The majority of the students applying to the Programme reside in the capital area. Some students may be in student exchange during the Programme, so it is good to prepare to organize also remote meetings with the actor. 

Who can sign up as a mentor?

You can sign up as a mentor if you are a graduate of Aalto University or Aalto University Executive Education or their predecessors. 

Since a mentor should have a senior position to their actor, we wish you would have at least four years of working experience after graduation. We hope that alumni applying as mentors are still actively connected with the working life.

It is desirable that the mentors for doctoral students have completeled a doctoral degree themselves and have built a career outside of the academia.

”I always learn how new minds start to approach the business world. New ideas, new enthusiasm and also new topics like sustainability.”

– Experiences from the mentoring programme

Sign up as a mentor candidate

You can sign up as a mentor candidate by filling out the application form. The applications for the 2024 Programme have closed.

Before filling out the form, please read the additional information below.

Mentoring Programme: Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about the mentoring programme. If you can't find the answer, please contact [email protected].

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