U-Create Symposium 2020: Creativity?

U-Create Symposium 2020 : Creativity?

The U-create symposium aims to advance Aalto University’s creative pedagogy by sharing experiences that are already happening around the campus and also in Aalto’s connections. Moreover, the symposium aims to establish a community of teachers who are interested in transdisciplinary approaches and in developing new ways of teaching.

In this edition, the symposium goes beyond transdisciplinary teaching and focuses on creativity. The idea is to get to know and disseminate the most interesting practices as well as the fails and success stories in teaching around this major subject. The main objective is to nurture an evolving discussion on teaching creativity across fields.

Theme 2020: Creativity?

What is creativity? Where is it? What does creativity do?

Is it possible to define creativity and teach or learn it? In which ways? How do we understand creativity and teach it in different areas, such as business, technology or arts? 

As the question mark indicates, the goal of the symposium is not to obtain precise answers but to explore “creativity” and see how it is currently being understood through different perspectives and across fields.  It also aims to understand the relevance given to “creativity” among other crucial skills to be addressed in our classrooms in all areas.


  • 13:00 Opening up/ Welcome 
  • 13:30 Guest speaker 1 (tbc)
  • 14:00 discussion & comments
  • 14:15 Guest speaker 2 (tbc)
  • 14:45 discussion & comments
  • 15:00 coffee break
  • From 15:30: open call speakers FLASH TALKS – 10min each
  • 17:00 happy hour & networking

OPEN CALL for all Aalto teachers

How do you address creativity in your teaching?

Can you share examples that come from your own practice?

We are looking for speakers to the U-create spring 2020 symposium. We’d like to present a range of examples of how creativity is being embedded in Aalto University’s courses and teaching. We are interested in pedagogy and in reflecting on what educational role creativity has or should have in our University today. 

Each speaker will have 10 min to show his example and share ideas. The form of the FLASH TALK is open and flexible (performance, exhibition, visuals, mini-workshops, etc).

You can talk about: 

  • How you teach creativity 
  • What teaching creativity means from the perspective of your field (technology, business, arts) 
  • Present past fails or success stories 
  • Best educational practices
  • Provocative and/or critical insights
  • Something radically different that we were not able to suggest here

If you’d like to participate please send in a Word document:

  • Title of your talk (initial idea)
  • A summary describing what you’ll be speaking about (no longer than half an A4).
  • Short Bio (no longer than 5 lines).
  • Links (in case there are any).

Email: [email protected]

The deadline is February 7th. The final speakers will be confirmed by the 21st of February.



This symposium is being organized collaboratively by the initiatives Design Inside and UWAS, who both work in the team of Arts and Creative Practices of Aalto University.


Design Inside

Renewing societies requires world-leading design-based practices. The Design Inside initiative ensures we will have the world-class ability throughout Aalto to shape and explore the world around us.

Research & Art
Unexpected Encounters_Photo_Mikko_Raskinen

Renewing society by art, creativity and design

Aalto University promotes creativity in all disciplines and communities. One of our strategic targets is to renew society through art, creativity and design. We are a forerunner in combining art and creative practices with research and education.

Research & Art
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U-Create Teaching and Learning Seminar

U-Create Symposium: Teaching Art and Design Across Disciplines

The first U-create teaching symposium focuses on transdisciplinarity in art and design. Welcome to share your ideas and practices related to art and design pedagogy.

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Aalto University UNFOLDED magazine is an engaging look at art, design and creativity across Aalto University and our wider community.

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