U-Create Seminar on Art and Value

The 2018 U-Create Seminar will present four different perspectives on the question of art’s relation to value and value creation. These perspectives come from various backgrounds and access different registers, namely the speculative, the research-driven, and the market-related. The open seminar is for anyone interested in the active art scene of the Helsinki region.
U-Create seminar 2018 Art and Value

Whilst much has been said about the role of art’s exceptionalism in its capacity to create value – an exceptionalism hinged on its identity as both a commodity and more than a commodity - this discussion will attempt to extend the debate into a wider set of relations with industry, technology, and science.

Art and Value Seminar speakers are:

  • Diakron(Studio for Transdisciplinary Research, Copenhagen represented by David Hilmer Rex and Aslak Aamot Kjaerulff)
  • Melanie Gilligan (Artist, New York/Stockholm)
  • Mari Männistö (Helsinki Contemporary Gallery, Helsinki)
  • Paavo Järvensivu (BIOS Research Unit, Helsinki)

Event is free of charge, welcome! 

Art and Value: the agenda

Individual presentations will be followed up with short Q & A sessions and the day will end with a brief panel discussion rounding up some of themes and approaches presented during the seminar.

U-create seminar

U-Create 2018 is organized by Aalto University's Bassam El Baroni and Juuso Tervo with assistance from Ksenia Kaverina. 

Aalto University promotes art and creativity in all disciplines and communities. One of our targets is to renew society through art, creativity and design.

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