U-Create Seminar on Creativity 2019

U Create Seminar on Creativity 2019
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U-Create Seminar on Creativity invites keynotes by guest speakers Ursula Bertram (Professor UT Dortmund, Artist), Anne-Françoise Schmid (Philosopher) & Nishant Shah (Theorist, Vice President Research ArtEZ University, NL).

The 2019 U-Create Seminar will be dedicated to examining the increasingly impactful role creativity plays in society at large, science, business and multiple areas of research. What are the demands on creative thinking and ways of working today? How can we understand creativity in light of the exceeding influence of artificial intelligences and automation on our patterns of innovation?  

Moreover, there is a growing acknowledgement of the incapacity of any one discipline to address and make sense of the complex problems we face single-handedly. Hence, working across multiple disciplines requires a process of ‘opening up’ to creativity that the seminar will address from different angles through presentations by three distinguished guest speakers. The seminar will also have speakers from Aalto University.

The objective of the U-Create Seminar on Creativity is to set the agenda for an ongoing and evolving discussion on the exigency, significance and future of creativity across society, industry and academia.

The U-Create Seminar is free and open to members of the general public as well as the Aalto community. Students are encouraged to attend.

Refreshments and snacks will be available. 

Please Register for the Event here.

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