Space 21 Open doors day – Spring 2023

Come and see what Space 21 is all about! Join us on June 1, 2023 to see what is going on in the experimental project space, to meet new people and have a good time together over snacks, vegan food and music. The event is open for all Aaltonians, from students to staff and faculty.
Space 21 Open doors in Spring 2023 cover.
Original photo: Mikko Raskinen

Open doors day is a relaxed get-together that provides a chance to get a taste of Space 21, see what is currently going on and what the community has been up to during the existance of the place. In a way, this also marks the 1,5-years-birthday of Space 21!

The open doors programme is casual and relaxed, and there will be plenty of time for free conversations, meeting new people and exploring the space. So come and drop by to have a good time in a good company over snacks, vegan food and music.

People behind the ongoing projects will also be there to present what they are working on, so this is also an excellent opportunity to get first-hand information and experiences about what is it like to work in Space 21, and what kind of projects it enables (a wide variety of them, we can guarantee). There will also be the opening event for the Experimental Project (ARTS) course.

Remember to register so that we can reserve enough food for everyone!

Still of textile innovation animation with Space 21 logo on top.

Space 21

Space 21 offers free project and studio spaces for facilitating collaboration, experimentation and radically new thinking and doing.

Radical creativity illustration: Anna Muchenikova

Radical creativity

We build an outstanding creative community for new thinking.

Our strategy
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Space 21 - FAQ

All the common questions about Space 21 answered and gathered to one place.

Space 21
White coffee cup with Space 21 logo, space's common room on the background.

Welcome to Space 21 monthly morning coffees in Spring 2023

Space 21 open door events, monthly morning coffees, welcome all Aalto community to come and have a cup of coffee in a good company in the living room of radical creativity

Five students building an installation in a rough project space.

Space 21 - a new project space for experimentation!

Space 21, a new project space for the use of all Aalto community, will open its doors in spring 2022

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