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Research Ethics for Doctoral Students (course)

The course LC-L1010 Research Ethics for Doctoral Students is recommended for doctoral students in their first or second year of study. The course will help you to recognise and analyse key research ethical questions, formulate an ethical research plan and identify rights and responsibilities as a researcher, among other things. The course is arranged twice a year.
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Course participation 

Course is designed for doctoral students and recommended for first or second year of study. The 2 ECTS course comprises of 46 hours of independent study (online) and 8 hours of workshops, taught by PhD Henriikka Mustajoki, and 2 hours of School specific seminars taught by PhD Annukka Jyrämä (compulsory attendance for both).

In the autumn 2023 the workshops and seminars will be held on campus and in the spring 2024 they will be held online.

BIZ: There will be two longer School specific seminars arranged for BIZ students, and they do not have to take part in the workshops by Henriikka Mustajoki.

CHEM: This course is part of CHEM’s course Toolkit for Doctoral students. If you are partipating in the Toolkit course, you don’t need to enroll to this course separately. If you have any qustions about taking this course as part of the CHEM Toolkit, please contact doctoral-chem(at)

All course correspondence will be sent to the participants’ Aalto email, so please check your email at the start of the course for more details on assessment tasks and course content.

Course registration & information

Register for the course in Sisu (remember to include it in your credit plan, i.e. study plan in Sisu first). The course description and learning outcomes are also available in Sisu.

Course details in Sisu (

This course helped me think of ethical concerns of my own research which is quite useful at my early stage of doctoral research.

Course participant, 2023


  Course schedule and workshops
Autumn 2023

Online course 23.10.-29.11.2023
(including independent assignments)

Workshop 1 (on campus): Mon 30.10.2023 at 14:15-18:00
Place: Jeti, A Grid, Otakaari 5
Workshop 2 (on campus): Wed 8.11.2023 at 14:15-18:00
Place: 216, K1, Otakaari 4

School specific seminars (on campus):
Place: HILTI (U121b), Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1
ARTS  27.11.2023 9:15-11:00 
BIZ      27.11.2023 13:15-17:00 & 29.11.2023 13:15-17:00 Edit: Note different classroom: U121a!
ELEC  28.11.2023 9:15-11:00
ENG    28.11.2023 13:15-15:00
SCI      29.11.2023 9:15-11:00

Spring 2024

Online course 26.2.-27.3.2024
(including independent assignments)

Workshop 1 (online): 29.2.2024 at 14:15-18:00
Workshop 2 (online): 7.3.2024 at 14:15-18:00

School specific seminars (online):
ARTS  26.3.2024 13:15-15:00
BIZ      21.3.2024 13:15-17:00 & 25.3.2024 13:15-17:00 (Dates edited 22.11.2023)
CHEM 21.3.2024 9:15-11:00
ELEC  25.3.2024 9:15-11:00
ENG    26.3.2024 9:15-11:00
SCI      27.3.2024 9:15-11:00

  For 2 ECTS, you must attend both workshops 1 & 2, and your School specific seminar (BIZ: only both seminars, workshops not required). You may also join some other School's seminar instead, but please note that the content is tailored for each School.

Assessment deadlines, autumn 2023

Assessment 1: Fri 3.11.2023 - Ethical issues and challenges in my own research 
Assessment 2: Fri 10.11.2023 - Peer Review
Assessment 3: Mon 13.-27.11.2023 - Discussion board on case studies
Assessment 4: Mon - Reflection and solutions to ethical issues 
Assessment 5: Mon 27.11.2023 – Deadline for online quizzes 
Assessment 6: Participating in the School-specific seminars

School-specific seminars

These session focus on the research integrity, the research ethics review process at Aalto University and what research ethics aspects to take into account when planning your doctoral thesis work and data collection.

Online study

  • The course will be taught online (  Please note that this is a national doctoral Moodle site and you can login with your HAKA login details. 
  • Moodle materials are available in English and Finnish and most assessment tasks can be completed in either English or Finnish, with the exception of assessment 3, which is completed in English. 
  • Student who have enrolled for the course in Sisu will receive the enrollment key to the course platform about one week before the course starts. The enrollment key is personal and should not be shared with students not enrolled on the course. The course platform will be available a week before the formal course start date

Most of the course is self-directed and allows for great flexibility with when and where it is done. However, assessments have strict deadlines as outlined above. 


Enrollment, credits, general arrangements: Doctoral education serives at [email protected] 

Online study & workshops: PhD Henriikka Mustajoki at [email protected]   

School-specific seminars: PhD Annukka Jyrämä at [email protected] 

The availability of online course materials, the workshops, and the forum discussions have facilitate my learning to a great extent.

Course participant, 2023

Researcher skills for doctoral students

Find resources to improve your skills related to data management, research ethics, IPR, dissemination of results and more!

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