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Leap for Learning for teachers

Many teaching and learning services and workflows will be renewed over the coming year. Related projects have been brought together under the heading of Leap for Learning. Sisu, a service platform and a process harmonisation project are all included in Leap.
Leap for learning for teachers

Benefits for faculty

  • Scalable services to support increasing number of students and lifelong learners
  • Essential and real-time student information available for analysis and decision making
  • Information systems support the planning and organising of teaching
  • Better service support from Aalto personnel through more efficient, unified processes

Current topics

Teaching and learning hub: Support and services for quality teaching and learning

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Leap for Learning for Students

Summary of current and upcoming changes in study practice.

Digital Aalto
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Basic information about Aalto's core information system for teaching and studying.


Learning Services – enabling success

Learning Services (LES) supports future-oriented learning and the smoothness of daily work.

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