Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering

Engineered Nanosystems

The research of micro- and nanoelectronic materials, photonics and devices has led to breakthroughs in renewable energy technologies, information technologies and in biomedical engineering. This opens a manifold of new challenges for multidisciplinary theoretical research and computational science.

Presently the engineered nanosystems group's focus areas are

  1. Theory and modelling of very high efficiency LEDs
  2. Solid state thermophotonic coolers and heat transfer in nanostructures
  3. Nanoplasmonics
  4. Semiconductor quantum optics. A new focus area being prepared is biophotonics where our plan is develop photonics for therapy of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) together with several Aalto units and with University of Eastern Finland.

Our work aims at generating new insight on the physics and operation of photonic devices to improve their performance and to develop predictive physical models in close collaboration with experimentalists and enterprises. A brief description of our projects can be found on the group's pages.


Pyry Kivisaari

Pyry Kivisaari

Postdoctoral Researcher
T314 Dept. Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering


Photo: Aalto University

Thermophotonics work receives EU funding

Exploratory research into waste-energy recovery awarded Horizon 2020 grant

Kuva: Lasse Lecklin.

The Finnish Research Impact Foundation awards funding to three joint projects between Aalto researchers and startup companies

The first ever research grants of the foundation support Aalto research in quantum computers, semiconductor devices and new type of sensors with superior sensitivity


€3,2 m funding boost to Aalto to develop and research radiation detectors

The funded projects study, among other things, novel device-driven and functional radiation detection systems in areas of both health and safety.

The optical force on atoms forms a mass density wave that propagates with light through the crystal. Image Jyrki Hokkanen, CSC.

Transfer of atomic mass with a photon solves the momentum paradox of light

The propagation of light in a transparent medium is associated with the transfer of atomic mass density.


LED cooling research project receives seven-figure funding

Jani Oksanen, D.Sc. (Tech.), has received an ERC Starting Grant for his research in the field of thermophotonics.

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