Ivan Radevici

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T314 Dept. Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
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Chemovoltaic effect for renewable liquid and vapor fuels on semiconductor surfaces

Mahdi Alizadeh, Ivan Radevici, Shengyang Li, Jani Oksanen 2024

Pushing the limits of non-radiative recombination suppression in GaAs/GaInP light emitting diodes by doping profile engineering

Ahmad Shahahmadi, Pyry Kivisaari, Benoît Behaghel, Ivan Radevici, Sami Suihkonen, Jani Oksanen 2024

Electro-Optical Coupling in Double Diode Structures

Nicklas Anttu, Vilgailė Dagytė, Benoît Behaghel, Ivan Radevici, Toufik Sadi, Pyry Kivisaari, Jani Oksanen 2023

Back-Contacted GaInP/GaAs LED Structures by Ex-Situ Dopant Redistribution

Antti Myllynen, Seyed Ahmad Shahahmadi, Ivan Radevici, Jani Oksanen 2023

Back-Contacted Carrier Injection for Scalable GaN Light Emitters

Iurii Kim, Christoffer Kauppinen, Ivan Radevici, Pyry Kivisaari, Jani Oksanen 2022

Electron Injection in Metal Assisted Chemical Etching as a Fundamental Mechanism for Electroless Electricity Generation

Shengyang Li, Kexun Chen, Ville Vähänissi, Ivan Radevici, Hele Savin, Jani Oksanen 2022

Prospects and requirements for thermophotonic waste heat energy harvesting

Toufik Sadi, Ivan Radevici, Benoît Behaghel, Jani Oksanen 2022

Thermophotonic cooling with light-emitting diodes

Toufik Sadi, Ivan Radevici, Jani Oksanen 2020

Improving the Efficiency of GaInP/GaAs Light Emitters Using Surface Passivation

Tripurari S. Tripathi, Ivan Radevici, Vilgaile Dagyte, Toufik Sadi, Jani Oksanen 2020

On the temperature dependence of the efficiency of electroluminescence

Alberto Casado, Ivan Radevici, Toufik Sadi, Jani Oksanen 2019