Jukka Tulkki

Senior Advisor
Senior Advisor
T314 Dept. Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
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Photonics, Quantum optics, Thermophotonics, Greentech, Green energy, Biophotonics, LEDs, Solar cells, Lasers, Basic energy sciences, Device physics, Computational engineering, Computational physics, Atomic- and molecular physics, Semiconductor optics, Quantum dots, Cooling technology


Time-dependent theory of optical electro- and magnetostriction

Mikko Partanen, Bruno Anghinoni, Nelson Guilherme Castelli Astrath, Jukka Tulkki 2023 Physical Review A

Covariant theory of light in a dispersive medium

Mikko Partanen, Jukka Tulkki 2021 Physical Review A

Quantum signatures in the classical limit of electromagnetic waves

Jukka Tulkki, Mikko Partanen 2020 Complex Light and Optical Forces XIV

Angular momentum dynamics of light-driven mass density waves in thin film structures

Mikko Partanen, Jukka Tulkki 2019 Complex Light and Optical Forces XIII

Comment on "Analysis of recent interpretations of the Abraham-Minkowski problem"

Mikko Partanen, Jukka Tulkki 2019 Physical Review A

Design of an experimental setup for the measurement of light-driven atomic mass density waves in a silicon crystal

Mikko Partanen, Jukka Tulkki 2019 Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation XVI

Lagrangian dynamics of the coupled field-medium state of light

Mikko Partanen, Jukka Tulkki 2019 New Journal of Physics