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Our research can be broadly characterised as endeavouring to understand the complexity of entrepreneurship as a multifaceted socio-economic phenomenon. It is pronouncedly multi-disciplinary, applying theories and methods from, psychology, sociology, economics, geography, history and philosophy to diverse entrepreneurial phenomena. Much of our research is applied, with relevance for public policy.

We can confidently state that our research meets the highest quality standards. Not only have our team members published in the top entrepreneurship and management journals, but they also continuously contribute to scholarly debates by serving in the review boards of journals such as Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Business Venturing Insights and Academy of Management Discoveries. 

Some of our research areas include: 

  • Social and sustainable business venturing
  • Entrepreneurial responses to grand challenges
  • Microentrepreneurship in the Global South
  • Entrepreneurship and population ageing
  • Psychological processes underlying entrepreneurial actions
  • Regional and institutional embeddedness of entrepreneurship
  • Philosophy of entrepreneurship
  • Everyday entrepreneurship

Social Impact and Outreach

Some of our research serves the sole purpose of advancing entrepreneurship theory. But much of what we do bears significant policy relevance. For this reason we continue to be active in the policy community, advising policy makers within and beyond the Finnish borders. We have completed consultancy assignments for example for ministries in Finland and Germany as well as the EU and the OECD.

Doctoral Studies in Entrepreneurship

Our unit provides an extensive four-year doctoral research training program focused on entrepreneurship. Our aim is to equip doctoral researchers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to conduct impactful research. 


Doctoral Studies in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is one of the twelve majors of the Doctoral Program in Business, Economics and Finance. The Entrepreneurship unit at Aalto BIZ provides an extensive four-year doctoral research training program focused on organizational communication. Our aim is to equip doctoral researchers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to conduct impactful research. Our program fosters broader understanding of entrepreneurship as complex and diverse socio-economic phenomenon.

Department of Management Studies
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Aalto Doctoral Programme in Business, Economics and Finance

This site is the student study guide for the Aalto Doctoral Programme in Business, Economics and Finance.


Who Are We?

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People in Entrepreneurship

Meet the professors, researchers, doctoral students and staff of Entrepreneurship.

Department of Management Studies

Recent publications

Liminality and developmental process of learning advantage of newness of early internationalizing firms

Emmanuel Kusi Appiah, Tamara Galkina, Peter Gabrielsson 2023 International Business Review

Do They Mind the Gap? : The Role of Founders in Organizational Pay Dispersion

Myrto Chliova, Gabriella Cacciotti, Teemu Kautonen 2023 Business and Society

Media Review: Can elite-driven social change save the world?

Myrto Chliova 2023 Organization Studies

Business modeling under adversity : Resilience in international firms

Tamara Galkina, Irina Atkova, Peter Gabrielsson 2023 Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

Networks of internationalizing digital platforms in physical place and digital space

Tamara Galkina, Irina Atkova, Francesca Ciulli 2023 Global Strategy Journal

A discourse of virtue: how poor women entrepreneurs justify their activities in the context of moderate Islam

Carmelita Ginting-Carlström, Myrto Chliova 2023 Entrepreneurship and Regional Development

The role of passion diversity, compassion, and self-compassion for team entrepreneurial passion

Bernadetta A. Ginting-Szczesny, Ewald Kibler, Melissa S. Cardon, Teemu Kautonen, Henri Hakala 2023 Small Business Economics

Transitions to entrepreneurship, self-realization, and prolonged working careers: Insights from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

Teemu Kautonen, Cal Halvorsen, Maria Minniti, Ewald Kibler 2023 Journal of Business Venturing Insights

Counternarrating entrepreneurship

Ewald Kibler, Lauri Laine 2023 Business History

All about that place: stories of entrepreneurship in Ghana

Jonathan Kimmitt, Ewald Kibler, Henri Schildt, Päivi Oinas 2023
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