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Beyond e-Textiles: first iterative workshop

First biannual workshop of the Nordic network on smart light-conversion textiles beyond electric circuits (Nordic Programme for Interdisciplinary Research - NordForsk)
Photo by Mikko Raskinen

The first biannual workshop of the 'Beyond e-Textiles' project was hosted by Aalto University and took place on May 26, 2021 via Zoom (due to coronavirus restrictions). The workshop agenda was as follows:

Agenda for the first iterative workshop of the 'Beyond e-Textiles' project. Image by Aalto University, Giulnara Launonen

At the first biannual workshop, 'Beyond e-Textiles' project was officially launched. Even though it was not possible to meet up in person due to coronavirus restrictions, the online event turned out to be a great collaborative platform providing virtual space and time for project management in the form of status making and strategic decisions, as well as creating room for fruitful discussions and speculative scenario building.

Participating institutions:
-Aalto University (Aalto)
-University of Turku (UTU)
-VIA University College (VIA)
-University of Borås (UB)

We were able to brainstorm ideas for the project implementation with the help of Miro tool (facilitated by the VIA team), as well as devote time to teambuilding exercises. Zahra Madani, a doctoral researcher from the Aalto team, talked about the current progress with nylon yarns. Moreover, we heard presentations from Prof. Delia Dumitrescu and Prof. Jaana Vapaavuori with respect to materials libraries (about 'design qualities' and 'photoactive materials' respectively). Discussions in breakout rooms allowed us to exchange views and to focus on particular issues in more detail. 

This event was (partly) supported by NordForsk through the funding to Nordic network on smart light-conversion textiles beyond electric circuits, project number 103894. The event was recorded.

More about 'Beyond e-Textiles' project

Workshop in images

Workshop outcomes

Apart from launching the project, we were able to lay the basis for the foundation of a material library. Strategy for yarn development and experimental set-up for fabric sampling were discussed, and future steps were identified. We also experimented with collaborative online working tools and found Miro fitting well with the needs of the project. Moreover, speculative scenario building on aesthetics and use was initiated.

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