Polymer Technology

Professor Jukka Seppälä leads the Research Group of Polymer Technology that focuses on teaching and research related to synthesis and characterization of novel polymers.
Tensile testing polymer samples

Main focus areas include synthesis and characterization of polymers and development of new materials utilizing polymerization techniques and composite technology. This requires a sound knowledge of chemistry, chemical engineering and material science. Particular fields of interest are polymerization reaction engineering and chemical modification of polymers.

Current research topics include e.g.: novel biomaterials for 3D fabrication of biomedical applications as well as novel sustainable and super-strong biopolymers. High-quality of the research is assured by a professional and efficient staff as well as first-class comprehensive research equipment.

Research projects in Polymer Technology are funded by Academy of Finland and Business Finland. Some projects include co-operation with companies to develop novel industrial polymers with cutting-edge competitive properties. International and national co-operation is active in many projects.


23.09.2019 Arun Teotia, our new postdoctoral reseacher has started working. Welcome!
23.08.2019 Our new postdoctoral researcher Sedigheh Borandeh started today. Welcome!

Aalto University / Artificial blood vessels / photographer: unknown
3D printed artificial blood vessels

Key research areas

  • Novel polymerization reactions and catalysis
  • Polymerization reactors and process design
  • Polymer materials properties and structure property correlations
  • Compatibilization in polymer blends and composites
  • Utilization of rapid prototyping methods in preparation of biomaterials
  • Nanocomposites including conductive or bioactive composites
  • Chemical modification of renewable raw materials such nanocellulose
  • Synthesis and modification of biodegradable polymers

Bioeconomy infra and ERIFORE

Professor Jukka Seppälä is head of a national joint Aalto University and VTT Bioeconomy Infrastructure. Aalto and VTT are also participating in the EU funded ERIFORE (European Research Infrastructure for Circular Forest Bioeconomy) project. 

Research projects

Aalto University / Aalto Chem Healthtech / photographer: Mikko Raskinen

Cra-Max-S, Business Finland, 2017-2020

Patient specific composite scaffolds for treatment of large craniomaxillofacial defects. 

The aim of the Cra-Max-S project is to create new personalized treatments for healthcare and improve treatment results in large bone defects in the cranio-maxillofacial area by developing a functional workflow for producing custom made implants.

The Cra-Max-S project is research collaboration project combining in depth knowledge from:

  • Research Group of Polymer Technology at Aalto University
  • Advanced Production Technologies research group at Aalto University
  • Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases, University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital
  • Department of Biomaterials Science and Technology, University of Twente (The Netherlands). 
Aalto University / 3D printed lace from pulp filaments / photographer: Eeva Suorlahti

Design Driven Value Chains in the World of Cellulose (DWoC), Tekes, 2013-2018


A multi-disciplinary research collaboration project funded by Tekes, focused on finding new and innovative applications for cellulosic materials. The DWoC project combines design thinking and design-driven prototyping with a strong competence in technology development. The goal is to make Finland the source of value-added cellulosic products and business concepts and to accelerate the transformation of the current large-scale forest industry into a dynamic ecosystem for the bioeconomy containing both large and small-scale businesses. Major application areas include textiles, fashion, interior decoration, health products, architecture and construction.

Aalto University / DWoC Selluloosapohjaisen materiaalin suoratulostus tekstiilille. / photographers: Eeva Suorlahti ja Minttu Somervuori

3D-Biomat-project, Academy of Finland Bio-Future program 

The 3D-Biomat project focuses on three areas:

  • Synthesis and development of polymeric biomaterials.
  • Application of the developed materials using advanced 3D production technologies.
  • Analysis of the value chain all the way to novel exploitation models in order to achieve a societal impact.

The project combines the in depth knowledge of three research groups from different fields in a complementary manner. Involved are Professor Jukka Seppäläs research group of Polymer technology, Professor Orlando Rojas BiCMat-research group and Professor Jouni Partanens Advanced Production Technologies research group. 

    AFPM - Advanced Functional Polymers for Medicine 2019

    Welcome to AFPM 2019 in Espoo, Finland. The Advanced Functional Polymers for Medicine (AFPM) 2019 conference will be held in Espoo, Finland from June 5th to June 7th, 2019. The conference venue is at the campus of Aalto University in Otaniemi, Espoo located close to the capital Helsinki.

    AFPM 2019
    Dipoli AFPM2019 / photo by Tuomas Uusheimo
    Polymer Technology research equipment

    Latest publications

    Polymer technology, Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

    Enhanced mechanical and thermal properties of polyurethane/functionalised graphene oxide composites by in situ polymerisation

    Publishing year: 2019 PLASTICS RUBBER AND COMPOSITES
    Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Polymer technology

    Multiscale Structural Characterization of Biocompatible Poly(trimethylene carbonate) Photoreticulated Networks

    Publishing year: 2019 ACS Applied Polymer Materials
    Polymer technology, Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

    pH-Sensitive Drug Release from Photo-crosslinked Poly(ester-anhydride) Networks

    Publishing year: 2019
    Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Polymer technology, Engineering Design, Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering

    Mechanical properties of ultraviolet-assisted paste extrusion and postextrusion ultraviolet-curing of three-dimensional printed biocomposites

    Publishing year: 2019 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
    Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Polymer technology

    Hydrolysis and drug release from poly(ethylene glycol)-modified lactone polymers with open porosity

    Publishing year: 2019 European Polymer Journal
    Polymer technology, Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Hydrometallurgy and Corrosion

    Aligned Chitosan-Gelatin Cryogel-Filled Polyurethane Nerve Guidance Channel for Neural Tissue Engineering

    Publishing year: 2019 Biomacromolecules
    Polymer technology, Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, School services, CHEM

    Drug-releasing Biopolymeric Structures Manufactured via Stereolithography

    Polymer technology, Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

    3D Printing Patient-specific Bone Implants

    Publishing year: 2019
    Polymer technology, Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

    Additive Manufacturing of Bone Regeneration Implants for Large Critical Size Defects

    Publishing year: 2019
    Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Polymer technology

    Hydrolysis of Photo-crosslinked Poly(trimethylene carbonate)-anhydride Networks in Phosphate Buffered Solution

    Publishing year: 2019
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