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Real Estate Economics

Real estate economics analyses the dynamics of real estate markets from the perspectives of e.g. business, planning, technology, value formation and law. The Real Estate Research Group at Aalto University is the only university-level research unit in Finland focusing on the broad area of real estate.
Real Estate Economics

The real estate sector plays a major role in most developed economies, as it is connected to all actors and actions in the society, from individual households to companies and the public sector. For example, in Finland, the sector comprises 70 per cent of our national wealth, 60 per cent of all investments, and 20 per cent of all jobs. 50 per cent of all climate change mitigation possibilities are estimated to be within the real estate sector. For all these reasons, digitalisation, climate change, urbanisation and other global trends are closely integrated into our research.

Our research themes are:

You can study real estate economics in the Bachelor’s programme in Built Environment, in the Master’s Programme in Real Estate Economics as well as in the Master’s Programme in Urban Studies and Planning (real estate specialisation).

Latest publications

JUE insight: City-wide effects of new housing supply: Evidence from moving chains

Cristina Bratu, Oskari Harjunen, Tuukka Saarimaa 2023 JOURNAL OF URBAN ECONOMICS

Resilience in the built environment : Key characteristics for solutions to multiple crises

Raúl Castaño-Rosa, Sofie Pelsmakers, Heini Järventausta, Jenni Poutanen, Lassi Tähtinen, Anahita Rashidfarokhi, Saija Toivonen 2022 Sustainable Cities and Society

Spatial consumption-based carbon footprints : Two definitions, two different outcomes

Jukka Heinonen, Juudit Ottelin, Anna Katrin Guddisardottir, Seppo Junnila 2022 Environmental research communications

Monipuolistuva data ja tieto-ohjaus rakennetussa ympäristössä

Hannu Hyyppä, Marika Ahlavuo, Mika Lindholm, Arttu Julin, Kauko Viitanen, Petteri Alho, Matti Kurkela 2022 Maankäyttö

Exploring the Strategy Goals and Strategy Drivers of National Mapping, Cadastral, and Land Registry Authorities

Erik Hämäläinen, Pauliina Krigsholm 2022 ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
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Research database

Research group members

Pauliina Krigsholm

Postdoctoral Researcher
T213 Built Environment
Anahita Rashidfarokhi Fathabadi

Anahita Rashidfarokhi Fathabadi

University Teacher
T213 Built Environment

Anniina Saari


Ilkka Tomperi

Professor of Practice

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Mechanical engineering 1, K1

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