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Tuukka Saarimaa

Assistant Professor

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Tuukka Saarimaa is an assistant professor of urban economics at the Department of Economics and the Department of Built Environment. His research focuses on housing and urban economics, and local public finance.

Before joining Aalto University, Saarimaa worked at the VATT Institute for Economic Research. He has also been a visiting researcher at Tufts University and the London School of Economics. His work has been published in journals such as American Political Science Review, Quantitative Economics, Journal of Public Economics, and Scandinavian Journal of Economics.

Areas of expertise

Urban Economics Housing Policy


Department of Economics, School of Engineering

Political representation and effects of municipal mergers

Publishing year: 2019 Political Science Research and Methods
Not published at Aalto University

Effects of Municipal Mergers on Voter Turnout

Publishing year: 2018 Local Government Studies
Department of Economics

Best education money can buy? Capitalization of school quality in Finland

Publishing year: 2018 CESifo Economic Studies
Department of Economics

Public Employees as Politicians

Publishing year: 2018 American Political Science Review
Not published at Aalto University

Delivering Affordable Housing and Neighborhood Quality: A Comparison of Place- and Tenant-Based Programs

Publishing year: 2018 Journal of Housing Economics
Department of Economics

When does Regression discontinuity design work? Evidence from random election outcomes

Publishing year: 2018 QUANTITATIVE ECONOMICS
Not published at Aalto University

PARAS-hankkeen aikana toteutettujen kuntaliitosten vaikutukset

Publishing year: 2018 Kansantaloudellinen aikakauskirja
Not published at Aalto University

Varainsiirtoveron asuntomarkkinavaikutukset

Not published at Aalto University

Political Representation and Effects of Municipal Mergers

Publishing year: 2017
Not published at Aalto University

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