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Disability Studies, Art & Education (DSAE)

DSAE is a network that aims to bring a critical disability studies perspective to the arts, culture, education, and society at large. Our mission includes increasing international conversation between critical disability studies, the several arts, and education in their specific contexts.
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The network advocates for first-person accounts of disability. Disability is understood as a cultural identity, an orientation to life that brings variation, diversity and richness to the disabled and non-disabled in culture, society, and to individuals. The aim of DSAE is to dignify disability with identity, subjectivity, and agency, rather than primarily as a biological condition. DSAE positions disability at the intersection of society and its discourses. This perspective is different from, for example, that of special education, which depends on external expert voices.

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Professor Mira Kallio-Tavin

Mira Kallio-Tavin

Associate Professor of Art-based Research and Pedagogy

Department of Art
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