Department of Art

Mira Kallio-Tavin

Associate Professor of Art-based Research and Pedagogy
Professor Mira Kallio-Tavin
Mira Kallio-Tavin

Mira Kallio-Tavin, Associate Professor of Art-based Research and Pedagogy

I work as Associate professor of Arts-based research and pedagogy, and as the Head of Research in the Department of Art. I focus my research on critical artistic and arts-based practices and research in questions of diversity, disability studies, social justice and critical animal studies. I serve as a World Councilor of InSEA (International Society for Education Through Art), and as the Chair of disability studies in art education (DSAE) interest group in the NAEA (National Art Education Association) in the United States, I am the founder of the International DSAE conference, and the founder of Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA) master’s program. I am the author and editor of six books, and editor of journals Research in Art Education (the chief editor) and The International Journal of Education through Art (editor).


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